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knee pain

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Ok i was skiing yesterday and on my last run i noticed a pain on left side of left knee when i put pressure to outside of left foot...Went home last nite stretched didnt feel anything not swelling...woke up did my 30 min stretch routine quads,calves,hamstrings,and IT band... all was well again no swelling... skied today for about 1.5 hours and again i feel this mildly sharp pain ..tried 1 more run and gave up...no swelling .i did not fall,i did not catch edge...havent fell in about 30 ski days...i did hit a stick and leg dragged back a bit and a couple patches of ice but was not going real fast and felt nothing...any one wanna guess..as of now i will not be skiing till sat to give it a rest...

IT band stretch is for runners knee..i dont run but have suffered from a muscle inbalance and also work with a black theraband for that problem"been pain free for over a yr"
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Do you roll your inside foot onto its little toe edge aggressively? If you are trying to do this and are doing it with a little tension in the leg muscles rather than with relaxed muscles, you can develop some knee pain, particularly on the outside of the knee.
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