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Demo Shop in Park City

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We are flying out on Saturday and skiing for six days in Utah.

I wanted to find a shop that demos in Park City.

We are staying at the Radisson in PC, renting a car, and skiing at a different resort that we choose on the fly.

My wife wants to buy new skis so demoing from the same shop to put the money towards the purchase is ideal.

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In PC I like Jans the best. They have decent prices if not steals and a pretty extensive fleet.
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Oh, they are right on corner of Park and Empire (or whatever, street up to PCMR) so easy to get to.
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Many places in Park City have really good demo skis with prices getting higher to demo as you get closer to the lifts.
Most shops will only credit 2 days of demos toward a purchase so using only one shop isn't that important.
Cole's on the top level of PCM has a terrific demo fleet and charges $40/day.
There are several places in town that are slightly less with the fleets varying. [ie: Bahnof Sports, Utah ski and golf, Aloha, etc]
Christy's in Silver Lake village in Deer Valley also has a good selection with skis that are kept in good condition.
Canyon Mountain Sports in the forum at The Canyons has a limited selection but you never know if they''l have the one you're looking for.
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Park City Resorts ski shop in the basement of the building close to the PayDay lift has excellent demos plus the advantage of the demo center at the top of the mountain where you can change out demos without coming all the way down the mountain.
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For Coles and Jans. Coles has a better selection but both are great.

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Jans also has a demo shop at base of PCMR. My only issue w/ Cole is they tend to be more $$ and I'm not sure that they are as knowledgable/cater-to-diehards, but YMMV.
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Both Coles and Jans have pretty good service and extensive Demo fleets. Either would do.It all depends on what skis your wife is interested in.
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