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I ski lots of moguls. In the later 90's, I bought the best mogul ski (for me) I've ever owned. It's a Salomon SuperForce F9 3S. They've just been teriffic in the bumps, but as you might expect they've been run-out. They are falling apart at this point but I've been so reluctant about replacing them because it was so hard to find that "just-right" bump ski.

Anybody got an idea of what I might find that's like that now?

Here are my skier characteristics:
5'7", 160lbs.
Zipper-line bump skier - Fast with straighter, higher line through the bumps.... Short, snappy turns with lots of snow flyin' off the tails.... lots of knees and "sucking-in" the moguls with stomach muscles.
Agressive skier.
Preference for a bit longer ski (my F9's are 193's and handle bumps great).
80%+ of time spent skiing in moguls. Rest spent skiing extreme terrain (i.e. steep, obstacles, some powder, some crud, some ice).