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TR: Backcountry snowboarding at Cliff Lake near Mount Shasta

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My first post here at EpicSki. Great site! Took the snomo’s out with my good friend, Eric Schweitzer, on Saturday. Cruised up the South Fork of the Sacramento River to Cliff Lake - about 8 miles. Parked the sleds on the South Fork, the road into Cliff looked sketchy! Skinned in the 1.5 miles to middle Cliff, and followed the right hip up to the summit. Had a nice lunch overlooking the Trinity Alps, and finished off with 2 feet of freshies in the trees down to cliff. While we were hiking, some snowmobilers on 1000cc sleds punched their way up the road to Cliff Lake and had some nice riding for sure! We skinned out on their sled tracks until we ran back into our skin trail which was nice, since blazing trail in the deep pow took a little extra effort. The actual snowboarding footage was filmed with our miniDv recording unit using a 520tv line res helmet camera. I did not have a glare or lens cover on - and you can still see the washed out colors, what a shame. The rest of the footage was filmed in HD (High definition @ 1440×1080i) with a Sony HC1, then down converted to SD in Vegas Video. Enjoy. -chad

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Chad, I was impressed with the stability of the helmet cam footage. Most motion video shows a lot of vibration, bouncing, and loss of subject. Somehow, it was like your camera just glided down the mountain. Maybe that is your style, or a really good image stabilizer. Nice day in the BC.

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Smooth helmet cam video.

Thanks for comments! Part of it is riding style. Lots of practice keeping your head steady, aimed in the right direction, and lots of use of the periphereal vision. The other part is kick ass post filming motion stabilization software, and then creative panning/zooming in video editor. I've been refining the technique over the years. Ou new high-def hcam system will be a major breakthrough... soon.

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I'd be interested to know what you are using to process the video during editing. I could definitely see the effect, but have no idea what you are using. I have some good footage, but the shake at some points forces me to use slowmotion effects or cuts.
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Little plugin for VirtualDub & Premeire....

I'm not going to totally let the cat out of the bag... yet ... but here's some starting points.

The plugin: DigiStudio - http://www.dv99.com/
The preferred tool to use it with: VirtualDub - www.virtualdub.org

The learning curve is pretty long to get to know these the in's and out's of these tool setup. I wish I had more time to share more information.

I've tried everyything out there that claims to 'stabilize' shakes - DigiStudio is the only one that truly handles LOTS of motion - and well. For only $50 it's not too bad!

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