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Snowboarding in Oz/Aus

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So.... when riding in Oz/Aus, is it considered "regular footed" to ride right foot first and "goofy" to ride left foot first, or are you just required to ride switch all the time?

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flush swirl goes backwards


All i know is the flush swirl goes backwards, at least that's what the brochure says. Regular is regular wherever you go. And yes, you are required as a foreign rider to ride switch all the time down under.

Do you know the origin of the goofy description? I think I finally heard the real answer last week. It's pretty cool.
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Oz snowboarders conform to all established global standards: sitting down in the middle of runs, falling over when getting off a lift, scraping tops off moguls, landing on the flat off jumps etc etc.

By the way: our flush goes straight down the hole, it doesn't swirl at all. And the water level is way down the bowl, so you'll never dip your hand in the fudge fondue.
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