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Leading on from the previous foot boot footbed discussion?

I've got some x-waves from surefoot in Oz in mid June.They still don't fit. I got their foot beds last year, but despite going down a size, I get big movement in the heel and ankle, rolling, and numbness in the foot sole.
So they reckon they will do me some foam inners for free. I hope this'lll fix things. The pressure from the 3 layers of packing in the achilles area is sending nerve yuck pain up my legs and making my toes go numb and then hurt, then the foot soles. yet the feet still move. They had to blow out the boots as I have wide feet....
At least they care enough to do whatever it takes to do the job right.

It's very hard to demonstrate the Phantom Move when your foot rolls in the boot!

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if your foot is rolling in the boot it sounds like you are still pronating! that is usually caused by not having the correct support under foot. was the foot bed made using the weighted method? (stand on the machine?) or but sitting and having no weight on your feet. (I'm pretty sure I know the answer) If you take your footbeds out of the boot and set them on the floor a comfortable distance apart (shoulder width) and stand on them. you should be able to move both your knees forward and your knees should track straight forward. your feet should not roll or splay but keep their shape and the ankle should hinge with no pronation or suplnation. If this is not the case, time to up the ante.. make sure you are talking to the top fitter there or offer to take your money back and see another fitter. If you are coming stateside to CO this winter, consider getting a second opinion from one of the better fitters up there.

Just my thoughts.
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Oh oh dchan, are you going to start the debate on weighted vrs non-weighted in the making of footbeds? I will have to side with non-weighted and the foot in a neutral position.
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I did not post my preference for that very reason. I didn't really want to start the debate all over again. I mainly wanted Ant to check her footbeds in the best way I know how. Anyone can search through the archives for the rest of our debates.
For the record, my current footbeds were made unweighted foot in neutral position.

Edit: gender oops <FONT size="1">

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aaaaannnnthea!...welcome to the Bear's Den STAY OVER HERE!!!!...we've got the alignment/fitting guys!...check out the other boots/liners/alignment threads as well..
It's certainly a breath of fresh air in comparison to the USENET RSA group...whew..
You gonna be up in Canada this winter..?

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Dchan: Ant is short for Anthea. It's her footbeds, not his.

I think she's talking about a relaxed foot (phantom move of rolling onto little toe side with the unweighted foot).
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I stand corrected on gender.

Sorry Ant.
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ant, you ever ski in a Lange Anthea? I will now think of you as "anth with a silent h".

I hope you get things fixed before you get here, you have some snow ahead of you NOW. Important question; which foot is rolling in your boot? Stance or free (lifted) foot?... You understand why I'm asking... Hard to tell what's going on through this tiny little screen, just typing words.

Do you have a loose "floppy" foot? I mean that in the nicest way, of course.

Wondering if the boot may be still too high of a volume for your foot... if your foot is wide, but not very thick from the top of the foot at the ankle, to the bottom back of the heel... accomodating your foot's width is ok, but this is a 3d "shell game" Liners can help. Foam performs well, but it's not very comfortable to teach in. Go with silicone, or a firmer thermal fit type.

Maybe something simple to try... there are fiberboard, foot shaped shims (bondtex is a nickname I keep using) in various sizes available, and you slip them between your liner and the inside bottom of the boot. Snugs things up in a verticl way, a little. Useful for a packed out boot, but I am concerned that you need to do this with a fairly fresh (not a flagrant, "fragrant" comment) ski shoe...

A skier with a "floppier" foot and strong pronation may need to have the footbed posted, (tilted) to accomodate your foot bone movements... based upon measuring how much the foot moves about in all it's wonderful ways... Most footbeds can be made or modified in this way, the slick milled ones you have included.

For the footbed debates; how about a footbed that is made in a neutral and slightly or partially weighted method?

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I would be interesting to hear the theories behind each method.
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Sounds like a new thread.
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Surefoot does nothing to their footbeds except mill a whole damn new one. Of course since it's done by machine it's not that big a deal but still, this is a serious flaw with their system. There's no tweaking of the footbed you just have to tell the computer you want a little more here and make a whole new one.
I believe they've tried to come up with a system where you can have a less skilled person do the work. This just doesn't work and it's the reason why some Surefoot stores are great and some are terrible. I ended up getting my money back for my footbed. (wasn't cheap either -170$ )

Anthea, if they're willing to do a free foam liner than hey, what the hell go for it. You can still maybe get your money back for the footbed later? Maybe before going to the foam try to see someone else who's really good over there to get an opinion?

Unfortuneately foam isn't always the cat's meow. Sometimes it just doesn't work, and sometimes the shop screws up. When it's good it's good but it can be not so great (my one experience wasn't good). Don't throw away your old liners...
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I can't stand my Surefoot inserts either. They DO help me ski better, because there's no play in them, but they are uncomfortable as hell. Parts of my feet go numb too, both on top and bottom. I've been in for adjustments 3 times (2 Utah locations), and they still aren't right. I'm thinking of trying something else. I don't have all season to screw with these things to get them right.

Anyone have suggestions for other places to go in Utah for inserts?


Reverend Poppy
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Rev poppy
Try deep powder house at Alta. Ask for Paul.
He did a great job of helping me with my inserts.(adjustments) and I watched him work with another customer. He did a great job.
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Thanks for the advice. I've heard them mentioned on here before. I'll definitely head up there.

Reverend Poppy
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Gee guys, I love my Surefoot insoles. Got'em in PC and I've had them for six seasons. Had Petersons before that. The PC shop did all sorts of tweaking on the beds after they were milled to make them sit right for me. And I got them for $120 (PSIA discount, sorry Tog...). I'm sure you've been down this road before, Ant, but what boots are you in? Seems like you're starting out with a heck of a lot of slop to begin with...
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Chuckle. Actually, they did fiddle with the footbeds, they added a bubble jsut back from the ball of the foot. I think it's helped.
but the foams are great, not only are they comfortable, but I have no pain and no numbness, so it's obvious the extra padding around the achilles was causing it.

And yep, the foot rolling is when moving the knee of the inside leg out into the turn, causing the ski to tip onto the uphill edge. when your foot is rolling in the boot, it doesn't work! Now i can do it again.

with my old, bigger boots, I spent a lot of time cutting up cardboard and putting it under my heel.

These boots are ladies salomon x-wave 9s. The ladies' ones are grey, the mens ones are black (typical. I'm going to buy some spraypaint next).
I have a very wide foot, which is collapsed so it's flatter on top. These x-waves are very popular in Oz this year, for this reason, we all grow up in bare feet. But, my heel is practially non-existant, and the ankles are skinny too. Add to that rotten combo a huge calf muscle which comes down a bit lower.

The inners Surefoot did are Comformable (or sidas, they are sometimes called). 2 little silver feet on the back. I was foamed in stockings, as I ski in those. Bloke was very unhappy about it, thought I should wear socks, but I stuck to my guns, and a good thing too. For teaching in, they seem fine. I actually leave them done up during lunch!

The footbeds were done standing up, but they took some time to arrange my feet first, they humped them up at the arch, and pushed my knee into a certain position.

Now, have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, RSA...we are working on setting up a moderated newsgroup. email Bev if you want to join the charter group!

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gashw, the blanks are in various sizes, but they are custom milled, exactly to the shape as defined by the "bed of gentle nails"...

If anybody has arch pain with the Amfit footbeds, i.e. too much (immobile) support under the arch, try grinding a little under the arch. It helps a lot.

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I've been thinking about these claims that Amfit uses a bunch of templates, and concluded that no, it must make the footbed according to what the bed of nails found under your foot. My heel is seriously tiny, and I need the foot bed to wrap the heel up or it fishtails. My Surefoot footbeds do this, and no one else in the world can have a Triple E width foot with a 5-year-old sized heel!

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I'm pretty close to that foot shape myself, ant. Ain't it a hassle? Glad you have made progress... How's the SNOW?

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wow, someone else with weird feet!

Our spring is upon us, a little bit early. Temperatures are higher than average. Good skiing to be had now that the snow has gone to corn stage. lots of textured yellow wax needed, and aim to be drinking beer by 3pm.

My feet are moving a bit in my foams now, i guess the small heels mean there's no anchorage, and the snow is heavy.
annoying though!
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