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Central Cascades (WA) GTG ????

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Any Seattle area skiers interested in connecting for some turns? Crystal, Stevens, Alpental?

Now that we've had our annual dose of UV of the ski season, we'll probably get back to our usual precip cycle.....just hope freezing levels stay low.

If not a day meeting maybe some night skiing at Alpental???

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Alpental Every Fri and Sat.

I'm at Alpental pretty much every Friday and Saturday. Both days, I ski a 9-4 day. My only obligations are to my Sat 12:30 lesson and a beer at the bar about 4:05pm.

I would love to take a few runs. I count myself as a high level 8 or low 9 depending on the day, my knee, and the snow conditions. I'll try not to slow you down in your pursuit of straight-lining.

I'm often up on Tues and Thurs mornings for a few hours before work as well.

PM me and we can arrange to meet for a cliff jump or two on Adrenalin. (Actually that cliff has pretty much filled in)
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I'd go for Stevens or Alpental. PM me if there will be any interest.
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