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I've been getting more into doing good sized jumps and cannot do anything more than a spread eagle. I'd like to learn to do some grabs or something else cool. Any suggestions on what or how to learn some new stuff?
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strech out first , make sure you are actually able to grab your boots or skis when you arnt actually in the air... then work on compressing your body over the jump...(bring your knees to you chest) after you compress enough and are tight enough just reach down and grab something.... After you figure it out then you can worry about adding some style
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What he said...

...and: do jump after jump after jump after jump.

Don't try anything fancy, just get comfortable being in the air. Your balance will improve and after a while you'll have a good feeling for how your body+skis+boots moves in the air. That's when you start trying fancy stuff.

The most important element is balance - master that before you try anything challenging.

When you're not on skis try to improve your core strength, and work on balance skills.
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Air sense and balance are KEY, as mentioned before. However, to start grabs and whatnot, do some straight airs, then some straight airs pulling the knees to the chest (like mentioned before), then when these are dialed, reach down to the boots (with the knees towards the chest), this is a safety grab. Try these with both hands and see which hand you prefer using. Once you get these, start grabbing forward and behind the boot. Once you get these, you may try to grab the opposite ski (right hand left ski) - mute grab. Once you can get a mute, chances are you'll be crossing the skis without learning how to do a non-grab cross (easier to teach if people can grab in the air). Once you get these, then the grabs become a bit more involved, so these are the best to try first.
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...and stop doing spread eagles.
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Believe it or not it is actually easier to do a trick than it is to do straight airs. It is easier to stay balanced in the air if you are thinking about doing the trick and the motion of the trick will keep you on axis/from stop flailing around.

Work on a 360. That is the first trick you should learn before you start trying grabs and all that other stuff. Or you could try the following:

Double twister daffy
Screamin' Seaman
Iron Cross

All are great mogul tricks that when you throw them in the park all the snowboarders and kids laugh at you. I enjoy the reaction from the old school mogul tricks more than anything.

Try doing the helicopter than when you are at 180 and your back is to the judge throw the spread eagle and then finish your rotation.

Another GREAT trick to learn is a helicopter with a rewind. Throw the copter and when you come all the way around keep your skis moving in the same direction and then rewind them back before you land (just do a twister after the copter)

All very good stuff.
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Pop off the lip and go into your trick all in one fluid motion. Don't just glide off the lip and once you are airborne try to do a mute grab. Popping off the lip gives some momentum. Crash your fool head off and repeat till you start stomping them. The move on to cliff hucks with no lip and a downward takeoff. That is where the fun begins. lol Those can be hard to keep balance.
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