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Lange V9/ACL injury

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Is anyone out there aware of the results of the study with the advent of the Lange V9 boot and ACL injury? Supposedly, they were going to put rental fleets into various ski areas and look at the incidence of ACL injury. I think it was discussed early last season in Skiing Magazine. If anyone knows, or knows how to find out, please let me know. Thank you.

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Does that mean we have to call SPORES guinea pigs now? Another new one for the Jargonaut page.
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Can you buy these boots for this year. I injured my knee in a fall exactly like the fall that these boots are supposed to help from injuring the knee. I looked around the internet and cant find anyone yet selling them. There on the Lang web site, but cant find on internet just to see what they will sell for. I will of course by some locally if available. Any idea how much they will sell for? Will they be alot more than regualar boots or about the same in price. I hope they will fit my foot because from the look of these they seem like the way to help from hurting my knee again.
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I beleive more testing and analysis is needed to see if the technology in the Lange boots, in fact does prevent ACL injuries without sacrificing performance.
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Some of my racers tested them - for skiing performance - on behalf of an engineering professor who does consulting work for ski equipment companies. (He's also a NASA astronaut!) I thought the test was bound to be somewhat pointless: having racers test mushy recreational boots? But they did find that they could often get the rear cuff mechanism to open during ordinary (by their standards) skiing. My impression is that this mechanism could prevent ACL injuries, but it will be very difficult to design a mechanism that can detect the difference between ordinary skiing forces and those that are about to rip the ACL to pieces.
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Sounds kind of scary.
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Well i have been doing some research into these Lange V9 boots. Plus i did read the Buyers guide for this year from SKI magazine about these and other boots. If the boot RRS system releases it doesnt make you lose control and it just pops back into place once the rearward pressure is gone. I cant imagine during normal skiing have it release as when i ski iam always leaning way forward and not backwards. Only time backwards is when i make a bad mistake and get into the back seat. I wish i had a pair last year when i had my backwards fall, hurt my knee, in which theese would have helped and even maybe prevented my injury. As soon as i can iam going to see if these boots will fit my feet, as i hope they will. Plus i hope there not to soft as Lange isnt making a stiffer boot with RRS system on them this year anyway. (RRS=rear release system)
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Do these Lange's have a custom-fit injection foam system like the new Heads?

This Lange system sounds like some of the "walk" features that are available on some recreational boots.
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The Lange V9 boot has a system called RRS rear release system, its not like the walk setting on boots that have the switch in the back that is for walk/ski and some like my Dalbello with a setting for carve. This is a spring loaded setup that lets the whole rear cuff tilt back 15 degrees under heavy load and then snaps back when the rear load stops. Like if you started to fall backwards it snaps back to releave stress on the knees. The only down side i see is that they dont offer it in a very stiff boot and the liner is a little thick and soft so not a precision boot. Check out Langes web page at dynastar and they have some nice picture's on how it works and even a little movie clip to show how it would work.
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Yes the boots are available. I can give you some phone numbers if you're interested. Boot is closer to a Rec level boot and seems to fit very big. The RRS is adjustable but I found it popping now and then on some areas I would consider normal, but I am a pretty aggressive skier. Was a very comfortable boot to play in. I have yet to hear results of the test centers, but will pass along if/when i do.
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Yes DaMtnRider if you have any phone numbers or web sites were they have these for sale i would be interested in that information.
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I know Peter Glenn Ski and Sports sells them. Not sure if on their site @ www.peterglenn.com or call them @ 954-484-3606 x128 ask for Eddy.
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