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Atomic SX B5

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Just got these this week off Ebay for $250 2005 model 174 cm. This ski apparently didn't sell well. I've been skiing a 162 cm Metron 11 most of the time interspersed with a 164 cm Atomic SL 11. As a result, I'm pretty conditioned to a 12-14 meter radius, so going to the SX B5 which I believe is 18 meter turn radius is a bit of an adjustment.

First day I skid them the snow was very soft( 50 F temps) so it was hard to gauge much about the ski. It went through the glop very well as the ski is pretty heavy with the mag power rod construction. Skied them again 2 days later after a 35 degree F temp drop, so now they are in their element on hard scratchy , icy conditions.

These skis hold an incredible edge on ice and hardpack. They grip like crazy and really give you a lot of confidence to lay them over. They make great medium and large radius turns. However you can also pivot them in the moguls . Not a bump ski for sure, but they are very skiable in the bumps particularly what represents typical mogul condition shere in Pa.; window pane ice troughs.

Had them out this AM on perfect velvet manmade snow and they are a great ride. They are extremely smooth, never nervous, and just have great tenacious edge hold. Looking forward to skiing them on a bigger mountain where I can make faster longer radius trurns and ski them as they were designed to be skied.

I was concerned after skiing for so long on short radius skis I wouldn't like the SX B5'S as much. Just the opposite, I feel like the ski can do a lot of things and is pretty adaptable to different snow conditions and turn radius.

I think I would scare myself before I could ever find the top end on these skis. For skiers that ski most of their time on very hard -icy conditions the SXB5 will hold a great edge and inspire alot of confidence.

For the price you can get these for , you can't go wrong.
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Thanks for the review. I too am a devoted Atomic fan. R-10ti, SL 9, 9.12, SX 9 and have just bought the SX 11. I was a little concerned because of the larger radius of the SX 11 but you have disolved those concerns. Navagator to Pilot...let'm rip.
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Thanks for the review as I am too thinking about buying these skis. I searched around and couldn't find a good review but you summed them up quite nicely.
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