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Should I demo when i go to tahoe?

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9 days until i embark for tahoe! Anyways I was gonna fly with the 04 atomic sx9's. Would I be better suited to demo something at the northstar demo center? I knwo the sx9s are a little thin and wouldn't do so hot if there was alot of powder. But how much would be too much powder for them? (I haven't skiied a powder day in many many years {stupid icecoast}). Ideally I would like to just ski the atomics as I just don't want to spend the money for two days of demos and then feel sort of weird adjusting to the new skis for a few runs. So more than anything, if they get new snow while i'm out there....how much would you say is too much for the sx9.
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Related question

I'm also going to Tahoe in March.

Who should I demo from? Any recommendations for shops?
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Dont know anything about the sx9's - nor the Northstar ski shop. A shop at Squaw will let you rent several skis in one day. Same for Heavenly at the California Lodge and at Sugar Bowl. The SugarBowl shop is smaller although they do have AC4's, Mantra's and Outlaws.

Also, hope youre right about needing powder skis!!
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There is a place in Truckee that has a good selection of demo skis, they have more than one location so depending on where you are staying you could call and see what is available. I demoed some skis a couple of years ago and they seemed to have a good selection at the time. Here is their web site, hope it helps. I heading to Alpine Meadows this Sunday so i can let you know what they have there. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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Tahoe Demos

When you get to North shore look in phone book. DAVES ski shop has the best selection of demo skis, reg, fat and/or power etc. They have a shop in Truckee, Tahoe City and Crystal bay, closest to Northstar is the crystal bay shop, down the hill toward the lake, take a left at the T, on your left.
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2nd on selection at Dave's

Excellent selection of demos. However, if there's not a lot of freshies in the picture, you could bring your SX9s and have a good time and save a few bucks. If there's snow in the forecast (I haven't looked), then just demo Mantras, AC4s, etc...
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Northstar Demo

Northstar demo has a great selection. Nice staff too. I went up there a week ago. High performance unlimited ski demo for the day was $39 if you have your own boots and poles. The mid mountain demo location has a great selection, ski in - ski out, and is not very crowded. You can try as many demos as you want in a day.

Volkl, Salomon, Rossi, K2, Atomic, Elan, Nordica.

If you only want to demo one specific ski for the entire day, it might be more cost effective to rent outside of Northstar as the previous posts mentioned. Have fun.
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Tahoe Demos

These guys: http://www.houseofski.com were really good (several years ago) - mounted bindings on a new pair of Merlin V's because I wanted to try them....

I'm going out next week as well, and if I don't use them, I'm going to take a look here: http://tahoepowderhouse.com/rates_rentals.cfm they've got a nice web site showing their selection.

Can't wait!!!

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