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Recycling Alpine ski as AT gear

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I'm building an AT set up on the cheap. Ive been given a pair of Garmount Squadra 4-buckle boots that fits well. I also purchased the Black Diamond Riva Z Compression Telemark Ski Binding for $37.50.

I’m planning to convert an old alpine powder ski to telemark duty. Is this a good idea? I own a pair of 2001 Salomon Super-mountain (110-78-100mm) in a 186cm and a 2003 Rossignol Cobra X (106-68-96mm) in a 181cm length. Which is better? :

I’m planning on resort based day trips. I’d like to cross the Wasatch Range, going from one resort to another, one day.

I’m a 210 Lbs, 6’ alpine skier with some cross country experience.

Any suggestions would be great.


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So you're talking Telemark, not AT then?

I'd go for the Salomons if the two pairs are in the same condition.
That decision is based on the dimensions. It's still a pretty skinny ski, but it will be fine to learn how to tele on.
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