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scratches on skis?

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Would a scratch on the bottom of my ski like 1/32 in. deep, but fairly long, dramatically affect the performance of the ski?

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Not unless you are racing.
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my rossi rockskis have TONS of those babies and they still ski fine over rocks and other debris.
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i have a crapload of those on mine as well
they ski very well over snowboards [img]tongue.gif[/img]

seriously, 1/32" deep isn't a big deal. if it's going to the core, then get it filled up [img]smile.gif[/img]

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If you ski really wet snow scratches of that depth might help performance by breaking the suction that builds up.
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Throw them away (or if they are a nice fat,
throw them my way).
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Won't hurt a thing. If you ski Southeastern boilerplate at all, you'll soon discover your skis to be covered with the things. Just wait until the end of the season stonegrind and it'll come out.
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