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Presidents Day Weekend - NY/NE

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I hope anyone who tried to ski in NY/NE had a better trip than I did...

Fri pm - drove up to Whiteface through 50 mi/hr winds. Couldn't get anything to eat until I got there as basically every town along the Northway had no power. The wind was ridiculous - Stratton recorded a gust of 145 mi/hr.

Found out I had some minor wind damage back home...

But, it started snowing and the wind started to settle down once I checked in. The wind was supposed to die down significantly.

Went to the mountain Sat morning. It was 5 degrees at the base. Wind was calmer and they were trying like hell to replace all of the snow that blew off the mountain the night before. It didn't work. The good news was all of the tour buses cancelled and most people just stayed in the lodge to avoid the cold. The temp. really wasn't that bad - most people just don't know how to dress...

But, around 9:45, the wind started to kick up and gradually got worse and blew all of the snow off the mountain again. Bottom line - worst ice I ever skied in my life. Instead of white crust with clear ice patches, The slopes were clear ice all the way, with patches of white crust.

I decided to leave at 12:00 - for home. The wind was continuing to get worse and they are snow guns, not magic wands - there was no way the conditions were going to get better for the next day.

I ski in the rain, and on ice, but this was truly bad. On the way home, many of the towns along the Northway, still had no power.

Bummer of a trip
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killington was cold but the trails they groomed were good- blowing snow on outer limits, warmer over there and the snow was great.
it was windier on friday when they shut down the whole mountain for a while- rain turned to instant sleet and then snow and so windy could hardly get off the superstar lift.
we ended up stranded at the bottom of needles eye-we had to wait there for a while, then they got the northbrook quad going to take us to the top of snowshed where we skied down and had to wait for a shuttle to take us back to bear mountain base where our car was. we got back to our house where we found the electric was out-no heat!!!!
it finally got back on after a few hours and it would go on and off for a while- the burglar alarm kept going off! glad that did not happen at night
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Whiteface is not the call when big winds are blowing.
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I heard ( and now know form 1st hadn experience) but was beyond the cancellation period for my hotel when the forecast came out. Oh well...
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the other name for whiteface is iceface
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Heard that too, but never imagined what I encountered on Sat. These were the first conditions (including rain, whiteoud, etc). that ever made me give up on a day of skiing, much less a weekend.

In fairness, the weather was unusual to say the least, so I'll probably give it another try...someday.
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Unfortunately, it's just been a bad year for us easterners. Unless we get dumped on for the next two weeks, I'd bet that the mountains will start closing by mid March. If skiing is going to end early, let's all pray for an early golf season :-)
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Originally Posted by xrisi421
If skiing is going to end early, let's all pray for an early golf season :-)
Golf sucks!
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From the little I've picked up from afar, I'm hearing that Southern Vt of all places, is having a relatively decent year between a few nat snows and snowmaking, for example Mt. Snow, Stratton, Okemo. Anybody comment?
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I was at Cannon, NH on Sunday. I love the place, and conditions were good for an hour or two in the AM, but then it was just stripped down to ice. As in the clear kind. Their front five trails were supremely slick; I overheard somebody saying that "Rocket" trail was somewhere beyond "bulletproof", which I agreed with. Profile trail is literally blue ice from top to bottom; needless to say, it's closed along with most of their fun trails. : I can't imagine they'll make it to April without some major help from Mother Nature in the next couple weeks. It was pretty cold on Sunday (-10 at the summit), so there were no crowds to speak of. They're only doing snowmaking on the high-traffic areas these days. I took one fall and went on a pretty long slide. Thankfully I wasn't anywhere close to the trees, but after that I was a bit more careful about falling.

I spent Monday (President's Day) at Sunapee, which was in remarkably good condition. They were blowing snow all over the place, and there were a couple "clear ice" patches, but you could avoid them. The slick areas were much more grippable ice then Cannon had. There were occassional crowds, but I don't know that I ever waited more then three or four minutes in line.
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mt snow

just got back from mt snow-don't know what was worse-,too little snow,too much ice or too many kids.
Oh well it pres week.Wait till next week
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when there is no snow, all the good stuff gets skied off before noon
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