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Fischer Race SC Review and Replacement, Stand Height

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A few months ago I purchased a pair of Fischer Race SC (2003)in 165cm, mated with Tyrolia LD12 Railflex for the Australian winter season, during the season I had about 15 days on them.

I had the feeling that they werent as fast as they could be, they seem to slow down on the long flat sections, also a bit twitchy at high speed. Excellent during long carving turns, very hard to interupt the carve. Very easy to turn during the fast tight turns, doesnt take much energy to change their direction (well compared to the volkl P30 188's ive been running previously). Grip isnt to bad either, sometimes a bit unpredictable in hard packed areas. They could possibly be a little more stiffer for my liking.
The LD12 Railflex's operated without complaint, even threw me out once when they should have without any discomfort to knees or legs. Satisfied with their operation, only they get a bit chuncked from the ski edges. Didnt get to play with the + - 15mm thing on the rail.

I will be trying to get the Worldcup version of the Fischer slalom skis to fill in the gaps of the Race SC, the non-FIS ones with tight turning radius, most probably in the same 165cm, again with the LD12 Rails. Has anyone tried these out, the Worldcup SC with booster plate?

The only other problem might be that together with the booster plate on the ski and the height of the railflex system on the tyrolias will give a total effective "stand" height which is too much. What do you guys say about the extra height, the tyrolias have a stand height of 33.5mm and add an extra say 10-15mm for the booster plate on the skis?
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I've been skiing the WC SC in both a 155 and 160 for two years with a Marker 1400 EPS. I'm 5'10" and 180 lbs. The height is about 53mm and I love them.

Go short or they are no fun. If you want longer try the WC RC.
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Don't worry about the stand height unless you are racing in some pretty serious races. My dad had Salomon S850 AXE+ binders on his WC SC's on top of the booster, and he loves the added height. I we measured him out to be at about 62mm... i may be wrong but i think that is what it came to. Honestly there isnt too much of a difference between his 62mm and my 55mm (other than 7mm). Anything past 55 seems a little useless but you dont tend to notice it really. Most skis that people are on these days are around 40mm to 45mm (salomon pilot, volkl race skis with the piston, etc.. but mostly systems). Since your bindings are good at releasing the extra height should be okay. My dad has never had a release or torque problem because of the height of his plates, and this will be his third season on the skis (skiing about 40 days a season)... he usually only falls about 15 times a season also... so that is another factor to consider.
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The higher your stand height, the tweakier the edge response becomes. 63mm definitely requires disciplined feet. At greater standheights, most people end up detuning the base, asking for more than 1 degree of base bevel. Ahhhh, that's better.

The fischer SC's really like to be skied with an accurate, 1/2 degree base. Kinda like tuning up the suspension. Then, you'll find how fun it is.
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