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Newfound respect for boarders

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I went to try snowboarding for the first time today... and wow.. it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Took a semi-private (2 people.. me and a buddy of mine) and in the first 5 minutes, I was almost ready to go back to my skis. Stuck with it for the day and it was fun, but I wasn't able to do a lot of things. Link turns, get off the lift without a problem, frontside 360... didn't quite happen. Ended up successful with sidestepping, getting up, and that wavy leaf drill where you stay on heel/toe edge the entire time and basically sidestep float your way down the run.

Anyway, I have newfound respect for boarders because it's harder than it looks... and I now understand why some beginners are sitting in the middle of the run. It's because they're so damn tired from falling and getting up that they need to take a break before getting up heelside again.
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Skiing is very easy to get started at because at the lower levels it is similar to and even easier than walking (you do not have to pick up the foot you are not ussing). As you get better the steps to the next level get higher and higher.
Boarding has a MONSTER first step, but after you learn, the steps to the next level get smaller as you go up.

Still there is never an excuse for anyone, no matter how many boards on thier feet, to block a trail as a group.
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Good for you. Keep at it. Stache is right about skiing being easier at the beginner level. It usually takes 2 or 3 days before you can link turns consistantly on mellow terrain.
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Naturally, fore-aft balance is a little more critical when you're balancing on an edge instead of 2 metres of ski.
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Congrats! Sounds like you are picking it up just fine.
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