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Single Ski?

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Does anybody have a single ski (if you broke one, lost one, etc. etc.) that you would be willing to sell or give away? I'm a three track skier (I only use one ski) and I'm looking for a decent ski, around 160cm, for GS racing. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
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You could just get a pair of GS skis and use one for practice and save the other for race day. Just like alot of racers have two identical sets of skis for this purpose...
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160cm GS ski is a little short for a 3 tracker. PM me and I will hook you up with a ski.
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Yeah I've definitely done that before but it gets pretty expensive so I was trying to avoid it.
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tgr has a thread with single skis, more fat/long skis but someone might have something
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Expanding the search...

Ok, so no luck so far on the single ski (I think I'm too picky) but if anyone has a good pair of reasonably priced GS skis (in the 165-170 range) please let me know.
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