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rails anyone?

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whats up?
is this somewhere i can ask help on rails? its my first time back on the slopes in 2 years so im still trying to get the rust off of my regular skiing technique. anywho, i cant help from journeying into the park and trying out rails and tables. anyways, everytime i turn to slide a rail sideways i bail pretty hard. i am trying to keep my weight forward, but my legs still slide out from underneath me. whats the deal? is there an easy technique to get my normally very coordinated self to accomplish a successful rail over 7ft long? i might just have to wait until late spring when the landings are a little softer
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What worked for me (and I'm entry level only) was starting on the fun boxes, which are wider. This removes the fore and aft balance issues out of the equation so that you can concentrate on the sliding.

stright run the boxes a few times, just getting used to the feel of the body moving wiht your momentum. Pay attention ot being soft with little adjusting movements after you start sliding.

Then go to sliding onto the fun boxes straight and then do a little hop and pivot the skis sideways, keeping the feet under the but. resist the temtation to push the feet out away from you body. Even the slightest thrust of the feet to the side will result in the skis kicking out from under you.

If you can, find a fun box that doesn't require a hop to mount them, which means that you can just slide right up onto it. Hopefully you can find an entry level rail that is level to the snow also to help keep the hop onto it lower.

Try a slow deep inhale as you slowly approach the fun boxes and then as you slide them, a slow exhale as you sofly relax over your lead foot.

Have fun, wear a helmet, and don't attemt too much at first. later, RicB.
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Try to keep your skis flat and right under you. It looks kind of silly, but staying low will make you much more stable. Check the first photo on this page for my definition of low


Look at the end of the rail/box until you are ready to come off. Then you should be looking at your landing.

I've heard some people say that your upper body should not be rotated to face the end of the rail, but a lot of pros seem to slide this way. If I need to come off forwards, I usually keep my upper body facing forwards. If I need to come of switch, I let my upper body turn as I get on the rail with my lower body. Works for me.
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I would also definately say search for boxes, but if there are none, try some boot slides on a low rail (when the park is empty). When you try to get onto the rail, think place the boots/skis on the rail, don't slam them down and by getting the feeling of sliding without the skis, its easier to slide with the skis. Also, practice some high speed side slips (like when transitioning over a table-top and onto the landing area, or when going accross a cat-track and back onto a pitch). The ideas of getting low (think about getting your hands at or below the knees) and flat skis will help as well, if the skis don't hit the rail flat (or very low edge angle) they will run into a hockey stop, causing you to bail. As far as the upper body goes, remember, when we turn our torso, we create some torque in the body and the feet will want to turn. Therefore, look that the end of the rail with the eyes, not the shoulders so the skis don't try to turn while on the rail. When coming off the rail, let the shoulders catch the eyes to come of normal, or look uphill to come off switch.
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Gentlemen, thanks for all this info. I'm poking around for things like this and it is nice to hear actual adult advice typed in English rather than whatever language the drooling mongoloid 7-year-olds are speaking this year. It's like pulling teeth to get anything useful in some other ski forums that focus on the trick side of things.

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