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Boot punching

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By a three-to-one margin, boot fitters have told me that, to properly punch out a boot, it needs to be left in the punch for at least twelve hours. Is this true? Why?

I have my doubts, based on my experience. Two of the three people who told me I had to leave my boots in press overnight failed to expand the boot enough to relieve the pain in my ankle, while the one person who did manage to relieve the pressure only left the boot in the press for about ten minutes.

Who should I believe? Is it bad for my boots to "quickie-punch them," or are the guys who insist on leaving the boot in the press for several hours out to lunch?
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I've had it done both ways. The good ones, perhaps by coincidence, have been the quick ones.
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I was told that it was best to leave the boot in the press to ensure that the plastic shell stays expanded as if the press is removed too soon the shell can contract back as it cools.
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The "good" guys probably were afraid to punch them out too much, preferring to do it again if needed. When punched out just a little, it's quite possible that the boot would shrink back. The guy who punched them out a lot probably went past the elastic limit of the boot material and didn't have to worry about them springing back.
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I find that quick cooling (snow) makes the punches hold better,

and what ghost said
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The common misconception is that the actual 'punch' happens when you first heat up and push the area out on the boot. Not so. The punch doesn't occur until ALL of the plastic has returned to ambient temperature. Heating up the plastic only makes it more elastic...if you were to heat it, punch it, and immediately remove the punch, it would bounce back to it's original shape the vast majority of the time.

To make the punch REALLY take, you have to leave it on long enough for the plastic to fully cool and contract...this means that you want to over-punch it beyond what is needed slightly, to allow for contraction.
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When I punch a boot, usually I will keep the press on the boot and let the boot cool under cold running water for 10 minutes. That method seems to produce the best holding punches I could ever wish for. Lastly, I will press the liner into the newly pressed shell to give me the right shell/liner contour.
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