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Powder ski lengths

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I know this should probably go in the Ski Gear forum but I'm looking for some quick info for some Pocket Rockets on eBay - the auction only has a few hours left and I figured I'd get a quicker answer here.

I'm looking for a second pair of skis to use just for the snowy and powder days. I'm skiing on 167 9S T Powers now but they are way to stiff in the chop to be fun.

The boards on eBay are 185 - I was figuring 176 or so and I'm a little worried that they may be too long. Opinions anyone? The price is right but don't know about the length.

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Don't know if you got them, but I would try and find a 175. If you're on 167's that 185 will feel big, although it's a soft ski and I've HEARD that the 185 doesn't ski much different.
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I'd try to ski both lengths- I thought the 185 too big and unweildy (I weigh 170 and am an advanced skier) although it really works much better than the 175 going really fast on groomers- but groomers on PR's are beside the point. I was on my 175's all morning skiing a foot of fresh at Park City and they rock! What a blast- turn like crazy and are very precise, quick and forgiving in pow- the extra float is a blast too- Very good in uneven, mixed terrain; trees , bushes, rock bands and whatnot- They also handeled an interesting bump run ( bumps with a thick blanket of powder) well on the way to Jupiter bowl; quick turns when it was steeper and the bumps were more defined, and then just GS'in it when it got lower angle through crud and fluff bumbs- something I didn't expect from such a soft ski. The 175 is lightning quick and plenty stable when it's turning- The 185 was better in runouts and blue groomers- but so what.
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With all the info you gave, I can for certain say that the skis might be too long or too short. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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id go with the 185. they ski really short, and youll love the length in deep stuff when you get used to it
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