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Freshening your duds?

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The other day I had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to a quite large gentleman on a small bench in a very crowded on-hill lunchtime spot. Problem wasn't so much that he was a stranger, sitting in close proximity to me AND taking up all the space on the bench. . . but his clothes. They were of a certain *era* (CB comes to mind) and I swear they hadn't been washed in all the time he owned them. And I think he usually put them away wet, in an old trunk in a dank basement somewhere. Ick.

He was wearing "Eau de Old School Ski Lodge x 1000," and it was coming off of him in waves. Needless to say, I skedaddled out of there real quick.

That horrifying story out of the way, what do all of you do to keep the duds fresh and sweet-smelling? I don't dryclean ever or wash too often, given that some of the tech materials don't do that well with either method of cleansing.

My personal formula for pleasantly fragrant, well-maintained clothes is:

1. Don't stuff them in the ski bag when wet. Drape them over things in the car on the way home, and then hang them to dry in a light-filled, well-ventilated area. The laundry room, in my case.

2. Wash occasionally in a specially-formulated or very gentle detergent, hang dry. Re-waterproof with a specially-designed product when necessary.

3. Perodically hang them out in the fresh air on a sunny winter day.

My clothes rarely seem to have even a whiff of that *lodge* smell, although the fabric of one of my Cloudveil jackets seems to soak up food odors like you wouldn't believe. I walked by a hamburger grilling outside an on-hill restaurant at Copper something like a month ago, and I occasionally still smell hamburger when wearing that jacket! :

Anyone have any other good ski-clothing-freshness tips? (Maybe the guy sitting next to me recently will read this thread and get to work on his threads! )

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I agree with 1 and 2 for sure. I generally wash my gloves, pants, and jacket 2-3 times during my 4-month season. Just washed recently after 14 days of skiing, a couple of which were in warm weather. My next wash will probably come at the end of the season (if I'm lucky, I will make 20-25 days this year). In addition to keeping everything looking and smelling good, washing helps the waterproof/breathable properties of goretex stuff. If the outer fabric is dirty, the inner membrane is much less effective (and the outer layers may even absorb water).

For most of us, skiing is an athletic thing and that makes us real aware of our clothing and gear (for a zillion reasons). I would wager that the less fastidious among us are also a bit less concerned about performance/comfort when skiing, and are probably not as serious about the sport. I want every minute on the hill to be about the snow and the skiing, and the fewer things that distract from that, the better!!!

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I've found that the various TechWash, Nikwax, etc. type of non-detergent cleansers followed by a spray on waterproof breathable activator stuff you spray on before putting it in the dryer on high works pretty well. We've used a couple different brands, but they all seem to work well. I only wash my ski clothes probably a few times a year, but I have some Arc'teryx stuff I've been using for about 5 years that's still holding up.
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Related question--what is Toko Textile Wash? I just bought a softshell jacket and the tag recommends it.
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TekWash has worked well for me. I wash my jacket, pants, and mittens (yes, I wear mittens ) a couple of times during the season.

Of course I wash my fleece after every wearing unless I'm staying at a hotel. For the fleece, I use regular detergent.
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