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Wide Brakes?

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I just picked my son up a pair of 06 Public Enemy skis with an 85mm waist. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to have to pick up some wide brakes for his P10 Lifters.

How wide of a ski will a standard size brake fit? 80mm or so is what I'm thinking. Can the standard brakes be bent to fit? Most of the wide brake kits seem to be around 100mm, which seems like overkill.

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Offhand, I believe that the look P series standard brake will accommodate up to 84mm of ski width. And nobody recommends bending the brake, as you're basically fooling around with a ski runaway prevention device...putting yourself in legal jeopardy should you lose a ski and it hit someone. It's a rare chance, but I know I wouldn't ever take it.
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Best way to know would be to measure the current brakes.

Standard brakes usually max out at 75-76mm in my experience. You can bend standard brakes, but it may look like crap and it may be hard to lock the skis together base-to-base for carrying, unless you do a real careful job bending.

Most newer bindings have 90-95mm brake kits, in addition to the much wider 100-105mm kits. See if you can locate a 90-95mm kit. I am going with 95mm brakes for my PEs.
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the TGR site has some info on how to bend look brakes.
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Problem solved. I picked up a wide brake kit at a local shop.
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