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ski Hamilton Ontario?

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I have to chauffeur people to Hamilton in the AM and pick them up later in the day. I've decided to go skiing instead of sleeping in the limo. Where should I go?
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Your choices are really limited.

You are two hours from the 7-8 resorts at Collingwood, 1 hour from GLen Eden (vertical drop = 270 feet) and about 1 1/2 hours from Holiday Valley in NY State.

Holiday Valley has a vertical drop about 700 feet.

Sorry that it isn't better
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you can get to Glen Eden in 40 min from Hamilton. It would be the closest.
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Holiday valley is a little ways away but if you do decide to go there you'll probably enjoy it. Yea there's like no vertical but its a really well run place. And the diamond runs down the one side are short but loads of fun (complete with a bump run if thats your thing. But yea its like 1.5 hours form buffalo ny, add on considerably more time for doing the border thing and whatnot. Kissing Bridge is closer to Buffalo and would thus be a shorter drive but would still eb a apin doing the border and everything. http://www.kissing-bridge.com
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