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Bad trip to ATTACRASH

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So here we are sitting at home after what was to be a super 10 days of slopeside skiing at Attitash /Bear Peak and several other NH venues with our extended family .

We were given an all expense paid slopeside deal by our adult children as a 40th Anniversary present .I have been skiing for yrs and ski it all except moguls no problemo but my wife is a relative newby. But she has great XC experience and we both are physically active and in super athletic shape .

WE skied for 2.5 hrs ,she on the gentler stuff but within her ability and i'm playing in the steeps . She's doing just fine . We stop for lunch and she decides to take a "perfect turn lesson "there b cuz its part of the deal ,

Well they start them skiing "really" slow doing observations etc and u guessed it-- she ends up it crossing tips while doing some drill . I mean the woman was skiing fine on her own for 2.5 hrs doing turns that were fine .

She Breaks her ankle in 2 places requires immediate surgery in North Conway. All the time the Attitash instructors are like gee i dont know what happened , we never saw anyone with a break that didnt have any pain yada yada yada . She was telling them her pain was a 3out of 10

Then they stall the ski doo and can't get her off the hill for a while . Don't get me wrong they were NICE people BUT frankly the mgt of the situation and the matching of student's need to the instructor's drill/practice was less than optimal in my opinion

Maybe i'm just on a rant . I know accidents happen and luckily she came thru surgery just fine. It was not a great experience . I just hope it didnt' destroy her desire to ski in the future !

I feel very guilty because i suggested the skiing adventure -i'm sure she would have preferred a beach in the islands somewhere --I'm bummed out about causing her pain
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Doesn't get much worse than that. I appreciate your frustration as I have tried over the years to coax my wife and daughter into skiing more with little success. The desire to go to the beach greatly exceeds the desire to go skiing. So, you get there and everything gets ruined by the accident. That is really too bad. I hope your wife recovers quickly and will give it another try.
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Yeah, that's a tough break for you.

I wish her a speedy recovery, and hope she enjoys the pain drugs .

People really have different pain thresholds.
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Thanx guys---------- i think i needed a little support" from the troops!!"

HAVE FUN OUT THERE - Take a few rippers for me !!!
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hope your wife heals quickly. She (or you) could have been bonked on the head with a coconut or gotten royally sunburned in painful places or stung by a jellyfish or some other thing if you went to the beach. It just really sucks to have that on your vacation. I went on vacation one year to Barbados and got the worst sunburn I have ever had - and I'm dark anyway, dark hair, dark skin, just wasn't paying attention, so I spent a good part of the vacation lathered in some mix of vinegar and lotion, couldn't stand a sheet or shirt or anything (including and most especially any other person) touching me...would have been much better off skiing!
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That's really a shame. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery and will go out on the slopes again.
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