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Let the sales begin!

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Props to Sierra Jim. Don't know if his sale is still happening, but got a great price and fast service on some boards I wanted that my local guys no longer had.

Also, the folks at Gerk's Alpine Hut in Redmond are moving things out. They are great guys. Very reliable. Great shop work (including mounting). I believe they will ship (not sure of cost on shipping). An OK random mix of Atomic, Volkl, K2, Elan, Salomon... Examples of some good deals include this year's M:10 w/ current Neox 4-12 for about $680 & the 04/05 M:EX w/ Neox 4-12 for about $480. If interested, give them a yell at 425-883-7544 and see what they have.

And of course locally in WA, REI and Sturtevants will be firing up sales soon as well.
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Backcountry.com is also running a closeout sale with some good prices with free shipping on all sales over $50..

I just picked up some new 06 Public Enemys for my oldest son for $279 w/free shipping.
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call eric at ski-discounters.com for an even better deal on atomics.
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