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Originally Posted by onstar
myth busters should do a show about this
Poor Buster!
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sure alot of stuff flying about when skier wrecks and nothing but body mass and a connected board when a snowboarder falls. i have come too close to hurting someone else with my equiptment displays over the years as a skier. when a ski flexes on impact and you hear that comforting click the ski can fly quite far and be a much bigger danger than a snowboarder skidding down on their back on a slippery slope. i ski mostly with snowboarders and i givwe then the space they nned to turn their turns and time my passes with their rythm.had a couple snowboarder go over my skiis but i have had skiers nail me pretty good twice hard in 40 some yrs of skiing uh not counting my kids of course, dads skiis on bottoms and kids board on tops. but i ilove em what can i say
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