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Lange 120 FR Liner packing out?

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Just bought a pair of last years 120 FR and have worn them around the house for about 15 hrs on and off (starting to feel great). Can you tell me how much packing out to expect on the liner the first couple of days (concerned about the heel pocket packing out too much and getting sloppy)? I have about a finger and a half in the shell fit...feel like I could go smaller on the shell but not the liner...standing up, toes are pressed right up aginst the liner. Thanks!
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I have mine for about 25-30 days of skiing so far. They haven't packed out much at all. I'm still able to ski them with the buckles on very loose settings. My toe box area was very tight when I first got them. I was told to give them some time to pack out. After 6 days I had to have my footbed ground down to make some extra room. They are still very tight. This season I actually switched to an even thinner sock to give me a little more room.

I haven't found any change over time in the heel pocket area. Though I did have to have some hot spots taken out over the first couple of days of use.

FYI, These boots feel very different when its 10 degrees compared to sitting in your house.
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When you say different in the cold, what do you mean - a lot stiffer. What were your previous boots, I was skiing on flexons 9.9. Btw, you are the guy who replaced the power strap with the booster strap...how is that working out? How has it changed the performance of the boot?
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They are much stiffer when cold, which early on seemed to magnify any areas of discomfort I felt.

I highly recommend the Booster strap. I haven't spent so little for such a noticeable improvement in my skiing. Hey, its like $30 or $35, if it doesn't work for you I'm sure you could sell it Here or on Ebay & only lose a couple of dollars.
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lange comp 120 FR

I have a pair since november 2005. Lots of bootfiting required initialy but a great fit was achieved. The liner is different from the regular comp models. It tend to pack a little more. Now my boot is pretty much settled and when I put them on at first my toes are rights up touching when standing up and after one run they don't anymore... I don't expect much compaction anymore but they do mold and form your feet after a while...Thermoforming the boot at the store did a great deal for me, maybe you should try it. Otherwise it's a great boot in term of fit and performance.

I sometime have a great deal of snow comming in, major discomfort below 10 degre celcius. When the temperature is very cold the boot seems to shrink and is much stiffer. It enhance any sensation of pressure or pain in the particular area afected. Put some toe warmer the other day and ski all day at -20 degre celcius without much discomfort. Takes time to settle in...Anyway, great boot, hope you get the most out of it!
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