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Well, finally I got these Fischer bindings which, being similar to the Tyrolias, fit on my new Head worldcup SL 13 with Head (tyrolia) 13 mm carve plates.
It was quite an adventure to get them because in Spain, where I live, the retailers and importers only sell bindings with skis. The problem is that ski shops refuse to mount them if they do not sell it, and it is not a matter of price, but of integrated ski/binding dictatorship. You see, this is a small and unprofessional market, with few informed skiers....
So, as the plates are pre drilled and the holes marked, I am about to mount them myself. Only one doubt: the holes for the screws on the metal rail for the front piece of the bindings, which has to be bolted on the ski, are quite narrow, so that rather than the screws passing through the holes cleanly, the thread of the screws gets stuck in the edge of the hole with the result that the rail gets fixed to the screw and, more of an issue, that the screw does not go through the rail straight, but at an angle. My concern is that if I try to mount the rail like that, the screws will not go straight into the holes of the ski plates and the heads of the screws will be tilted. I assume that it is a finishing error and that the holes must be slightly widened (as a matter of fact, it seems that where the thread gets stuck is just a very thin layer of metal in the edge of the hole). I am concerned, though, that actually the bolts are ment to be screw on the rail and that the bolts are ment to be screwed at a angle into the ski plates. Anybody has experience in mounting these.
I would love to find the Tyrolia technical and mounting manual and not to bother you with these questions, but they have taken it off their web page and they do not provide it with the bindings. Thank you.