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Stinky Helmet

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When I was taking off my helmet this afternoon I noticed it was starting to get a little stinky. Does anybody know how to wash them. I have a Giro Fuse.
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Hair you go!

I use baby shampoo on my hair and it tranfers the nice smell to the helmet.

Check FAQs at the Giro site. (Giro Info - FAQs - How do I take care of my helmet.)


They even tell you how to get rid of lice.:
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Don't wait to take action since zapping odour gets harder. There are a lot of tips on the web about tackling odour in running shoes that may be useful.
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Originally Posted by UTpowder
When I was taking off my helmet this afternoon I noticed it was starting to get a little stinky. Does anybody know how to wash them. I have a Giro Fuse.
The Fuse has a removable, washable liner, no?
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My favorite hat treatment is fabreeze.

It would stand to reason that the liner is what's stinky. A couple shots of fabreeze in the inside and and keep it in open air and you should be good. Also fresh air is kind of crucial.
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I've washed mine, febreezed it, lysol'ed it......still stinky.

Don't get downwind after a warm day!!!!!

I've got to get a new one before spring!
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Originally Posted by Woops
The Fuse has a removable, washable liner, no?
Yes, mine does.
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Ok some people are going to say never do this, but I haven't had any problems. Throw it in the washing manchine when with your laundry when it really starts stinking. I've done this with every helmet I have owned (going over 5 now) with no problems. Just make sure the straps are buckled, put it at the bottom of the machine and let her go. I always use cold water. I have noticed no ill effects to the helmet what so ever. If you are inclined to wash your helmet more frequently than a few times a season(such as once a week), this might not be such a great idea. For the half dozen or less times I wash the helmet, it seems to work fine.
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Hey Kill,

Are you saying you throw the whole helmet in the washing machine, or just the liner?

I've washed my helmet in the sink to no avail, I might just try the machine......
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I sprinkle a little baby powder in mine occasionally.
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I'm tempted to try the dishwasher for mine.

Last year the Cat pee'd on my ski bag and got a bit of my helmet strap in the process.: I hand washed it several times and cat spray-sprayed it and febreez'd it until I couldn't smell it anymore. BUT... the last few times I've skiied when I work up a sweat and the helmet gets warm I still get a slight whiff every now and then when I turn my head fast.

At least YOUR helmet only smells like head-funk.
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your cat PEED in your ski bag? holy smokes forget cleaning the helmet. my solution?! skin the cat! :O
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spray the anti fungal stuff they put in boots. But DON'T do it just before you put it on.

I've a fuse. You sound like a hothead. you need to keep those vents open more often.

Do you let your helmet air out after a good ski day?
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I usually just hang it in my locker at the mountain. I did just get a fleece cover from Tognar that I have been keeping it in the last few weeks. That sounds like it might be the problem.
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DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DISHWAHER. Most dishwashers heat water to above 150F in order to kill bacteria. This will melt or severly damage the polystyrine in the helmet. You are much better washing it on delecate/cold in your machine. The dishwasher is not a good place to wash most things that aren't dishes.
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