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Lange Vector 7 or alternatives

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Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying new ski boots. I am not an expert I ski mostly groomed runs, i'd say i'm an intermediate. I am thinking of getting Lange Vector 7s. I'd love to hear some opinions on those, as well as alternatives in the $300 price range. Thanks for any advice.
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I own the Vector 7s. A great boot, and I thought it was the best deal available as well (at REI, you can get it for $249!!).

Like every Lange boot I've ever owned, they are a tight fitting boot, all over. At boot fitting time, it should feel almost -- but not quite -- painful to wear, as they will gain a third of a size due to break-in.

I'll give you the highs and lows of this boot:

High points (no particular order)

1. Excellent construction for a boot in this price category. That means metal buckles, not plastic, with micro-adjustment capability. Nice powerstrap as well.

2. AWESOME fit and control, once they are broken-in. They become extensions of your body, and you can do anything in them. When I wear them, they seem to have wrapped around my feet, like custom-made slippers. They have a low profile, and are lightweight.

3. Pretty stiff flex, but not too stiff. Steeps and hard turns won't budge this boot, but they won't beat you up too much either -- a perfect "performance recreation" boot. Remember that in the ski-shop, they'll feel way softer than out on the slopes. On the slopes, they're decently stiff, and I weigh 210 lbs.

4. "Ski/Walk" selector in the back makes getting the boot on a little easier, but remember to set it to "ski" when you ski (otherwise the back flexes too much).

5. Decent looking graphics, and the chrome buckle treatment is classy looking.

Low points:

1. No "ratchet adjust" in the buckles. I always like this. It doesn't affect fit any on these boots, since the micro-adjust (and two separate positions for the upper buckles) will allow you to fit the boot right, but I like the ratchets.

2. Quasi-painful until they break-in, and even then you're going to have to do some minor surgery on them to make them fit perfectly (or buy lots of single malts for your local bootfitter )

*IF* and I do mean *IF* these boots fit your feet well, you won't go wrong. They'll beat boots that are way more expensive. They're a great bargain, and have great performance, if your feet them. Generally, people's feet either fit into Lange's or they don't. Mine did, and I have a great boot at a great price. Hopefully they'll fit you too.

I also tried out the Salomon X7 (same price). Like most Salomon's I've worn, it seemed big and dumb, with bad fit. It's not in the same league as the Lange, which feels like a Ferrari compared to the Salomon's Chrysler SUV.

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i have a slightly wider foot, but i was recently boot shopping. Tecnica was on the top of my list with Salomon right behind it.

I ended up gettin the Tecnica Rival X9 for a little over 300 which is pretty good round here.

my impressions...
its a pretty stiff boot, many adjustments including custom arch support, and flex tuning with their inserts. thing its missing is a walk/ski mode, but i noticed many boots at this level do not have them so i guess its da norm.
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