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Defective Top Fuel?

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I have a pair of 170cm TF's with one powder day on them. I had them out today checking them over and noticed the edge on one of the tails was separating from the ski. Granted, the separation is minor right now but you can actually pull the base and edge away from the rest of the ski! I have never had a ski look like this. Maybe my 215lbs was too much for these little rippers:

Upon closer inspection I noticed the base near the rivets on the tail is chipped and cracked like sun dried plastic and there is a small gap where you can actually see the sheet of metal underneath. Along the length of the ski there are gaps between the base/edge and the rest of the ski. The sandwiching of the materials looks poor and inconsistent compared to the other ski.

One last thing. I noticed small hairline "cracks" in the bases of both skis. These small cracks are 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length and look like cracks that run in the grain of a piece of wood. It looks like the bases are splitting a little. I am glad my feeble attempt to sell these was unsucessful . Needless to say I will be contact the shop tomorrow. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice.
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JV, what did the shop say? This seems like a pretty straight-forward warrantee issue.
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