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I pursued this for PMGear because we were told by the owner they were stone grinders. Turns out they weren't after all. The guy I know is still trying to unload them as they've been sitting in storage for a few years. My Guess is that they are from the mid 90's. They have been fired up in the past, so they run, but right now they are collecting dust.

PM me with an e-mail addy if you are interested, make any reasonable offer and I'll pass it along to the owners. I have no clue what he is expecting for it, but I'm pretty sure he just wants to get rid of them.

They are currently in Bozeman. Local is best, but we can arrange a way to get them to you if needed. (They are heavy as hell though)

1 Wintersteiger Sel
2 others smaller, blue and white, with LST on the sidein a triangle.

I'm a belt jong, so if phil or anyone else whants to chime in, that'd be great.