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Just wanted to put a plug out there for Hoback Sports in Jackson. Adam at Hoback helped me out a ton. I walked in there with sore feet and walked out a pretty happy customer.

Situation: I have plug boots and thought I had good custom insoles. I was very skeptical of the place at first because he was trying to talk me into ANOTHER footbed, telling me that my current custom footbed wasn't made right. I didn't beleive him.....but decided to give it a shot after he guessed that I tore some ligiments in my ankle 6 years ago just by looking....he was right and I gave out NO clues on this one . Also he did his best to explain a lot of different things...alignment, pronation, etc... Footbeds seemed pricey ($135), but I'm learning that for a Sidas footbed, $135 is the norm. Included in that price he remolded my Thermoflex liners and did some grinding an punching on each boot to make things fit.

All in all I'm pretty happy and I don't feel like I was talked into doing something I didn't want to.