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Lange 120 FR or Flexon/zipfits???

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First, I want to say how awesome this site is and the great input I have had so far!

I have been skiing Reichhle Flexons for 12 years and now retiring my 9.9. I bought a pair of Lange 120 FR in a mondo 27 (measure out to 27 on right foot and 27.5 on left foot)and have worn them now for about 15 hrs on and off around the house, they hold my foot very well! I am also thinking about buying a used pair of Flexon pro's and replacing the old liner with the plug zipfits. Here is my dilemma - Do I move onto a overlap boot or continue with the flexon, some people have told me (were in flexons and moved onto overlap) that going to an overlap has made them a more centered and better skier. I would love to hear from some of you who were in flexons and are now in overlap boots.

Also, being that I have not skied in the Lang's, can anyone tell me how much the liner will pack out on the 120's?
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I loved my flexons. But I have moved on to an overlap boot. I used a Nordica GT race boot for a few years and am now in an Atomic M11 boot. I love them.

However, you can buy new flexons! Kneissl has re-released the flexon boots.

I noticed several top mogul skiers in the Olympics wearing them.
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Wolfman - I think you're mistaken about Kneissl re-releasing the Flexon. I haven't seen/heard any indication of that. Competition mogul skiers have been "protecting" their stashes of NOS Flexons since they work so well for bump skiing.

DonT - I don't believe for a minute that being "more centered" has anything to do with a 3-piece Flexon vs. a 2-piece overlap boot. That's a bunch of hooey. All boots have varying amounts of ramp angle and forward lean that will either work well with your physiology or not - it's not a 3-piece vs. 2-piece issue.
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After more research noodler, I agree! The guy I talked to (ski shop in tahoe)was saying changing gear helps you to become a more adaptable skier (very general statement). You think you might be able to send the pictures of your Pro T's this weekend? Speaking of ramp angle, lange boots have more ramp angle than most boots out there, you think the transition from the 9.9 to the 120 fr will be a hard transition?
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