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End of Season Sale?

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I was browsing online and noticed that SierraSnowboard.com is selling all their ski and snowboard stuff at 40% off. Also, Backcountry.com/Dogfunk.com which sell snowboards (not sure if they sell skis) have stuff marked down as well. Is it time to stock up?
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The online sales have hit and at many stored. I picked up a new voile splitboard for $559 at REI. Most people sell used ones around $500. The deals get better with more "standard" gear.
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Well, I just got a used board off eBay for $240+25 ship... but then I look over at backcountry.com and it's going for $300 brand new with free ship.

I still got a deal compared to Canadian prices if I bought here in Canada... but still, I thought I was getting a REALLY GOOD deal.. now I find out I'm just getting a deal. = P
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Backcountryoutlet.com has the best prices I've seen and excellent customer service. http://www.bbskis.com/ also has very good prices.

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