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Going to Telluride

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I am going to Telluride tomorrow with my family, and I am starting to get giddy with excitement. My last time there was in 1979 when I was passing through and just had lunch. I know that it has grown/changed since then, but this is perhaps the only place that I have visited where I was tempted to move in and settle down on the spot... Skiing in the East has been up and down (and mostly down)(except for ESA at Stowe) this year, and this is my second of three trips out West this year. I know -- I am even jealous of myself... I apologize in advance if this post sounds like bragging or whatever -- I just can't help myself...
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Enjoy Telluride

I don't blame you for being giddy. I'm a major fan of telluride. I visited and ended up buying a place there six years ago. Just sold it and just had my last day there last week.

Now I get to ski other places out West and see how Tride stacks up to all the rest.
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Be there this Thursday....If you are reading this, post back. Maybe we can make some turns. My wife and son (8mos) are coming but not skiing.
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Just got back -- saw your post just this evening, and sorry I missed you. Great mountain with alot of variety in terrain. Unfotunately, we had no fresh snow, so we were skiing alot of hardpack and packed powder. The bumps were still awesome, but the tree skiing was a little iffy (for me). The town was really nice, but was of course much different than I remembered it. The advantage of fuzzy memories of pre-development times...
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