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Slightly softer ski than the Mantra?

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5'7", 150 lbs, level 8 skier, 35 days per year

I bought a pair of Mantra's and I like them quite a bit. They're light, pretty turny, and they plow through everything. They're good for my needs; west coast primary ski, east coast powder ski. They are a bit stiff though and after 8 days of skiing I don't think it's something I'll grow accustomed to very quickly. They're definitely not so stiff that they're not fun for me. 95% of the time I'm fine, but I do get bucked a bit from time to time, and I feel like I could give up a bit in stiffness and still maintain the stability I need. I can't give up a lot of stiffness though. The other 95ish ski I used was the Rossi B3 (last year's) and it flopped around in crud like a noodle. I couldn't stand it.

Would there be a better option?

I'm thinking:

Atomic Sugar Daddy: I like the feel of most atomic skis I've used

Line Prophet 100 / Kahru Jak Team: Looks pretty solid, although a pin tail would be nice for steeps and trees

Soft Bro 179: Looks awesome, but no used ones to get a deal on

K2 Apache Chief or Seth Vicious: too soft for crud and getting back to the lifts on the east coast? heavy for hikes?
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I ski on the Apache chiefs for my fresh snow ski, they are awesome there. A nice even softer flex. They also do well in wet, waterski slush and short truns in trees and steep chutes. Lack of sidecut and round tail makes the tails easily skiddable in narrow steep chutes. My favorite in tight, narrow, steep chutes.

However they are too soft once the sun gets on the snow and the crud gets set up. They lack the ability to bulldoze without getting deflected and I'd gues they don't hold on groomers as well as the Mantra. I think your Mantras would be perfect for that. They are not as heavy as I thought they would be but I have them mounted with Rossi Axial T140.

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Dynastar 8800
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Dynastar 8800
A thought, for sure. A little more width would be nice. The LP dimensions in a shorter length and 8800 stiffness would rock.
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92mm at the waist, but maybe the 177 Fischer Kehua?
Dont know if thats the size youre looking for.
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I haven't skied the Sugar Daddy but I suspect it will be stiffer than your Mantra.

I skied on a Mantra for 2 days. Much easier to ski than my older Atomic 10.EX, which was little brother of Sugar Daddy and relatively stiff & damp. Also, the Mantras were much less stiff than my 6stars. The Mantras were very responsive, lively and not flacid; but not very stiff. Very easy to carve turns at all speeds and relatively forgiving in bumps. To me, a stiff ski doesn't share those attributes.

Perhaps the "bucked a bit" is related to something else? In cut-up powder and crud, I did note the Mantras were not the most damp ski I've used before. But that's a trade-off against the liveliness / nimbleness that so many of us like in the ski.

BTW, I just bought a pair of 8800's and would echo them as a potential choice. I wouldn't ignore them just for 5mm in width. Our guides on a recent snowcat trip used 8800's as their powder ski.
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Head im88? I just purchased a pair... haven't skied them yet. I was actually looking for a Mantra when multiple people suggested the 88 as a more suitable alternative.

I've heard the shovel on the im88 is slightly softer than the Mantra. The hard pack performance is suppose to be killer. Nobody had a 88 demo left to try. Both the Mantra and 88 are getting very hard to come by.

Every person that I spoke with that tried both the Mantra and 88 preferred the 88. Seems to be a lot of Mantra fans here and I have been a big Volkl fan for nearly 2 decades. Hope the 88 does it for me.

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by shmerham
A thought, for sure. A little more width would be nice.
That's what I figured you'd say. In all honesty though, with the 8800's softer tip and the fact that you're not very heavy, I doubt you'd notice much difference in terms of float between the 8800 and the Mantra. Soft snow performance is not only about width alone.

Good luck with the search.
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Having skied all the skis you mention (I own the SD) I would suggest the SD or the 8800. The reason has somewhat less to do with the flex than it does the shape. The 8800 and the SD are fairly straight(ish) skis and as such they deflect less than some others. The Atomic is lighter than the Mantra and has a fairly soft tip with a stiffer mid-section and tail. That is the configuration that I personally prefer, but..................YMMV.

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