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Denver - Salt lake

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I haven't been to SLC but have heard that Alta is close to the airport. If I flew into SLC from Denver on Sat. morning, spent the day in SLC, then went up to Alta, stayed the night, skied on Sunday and then flew back to Denver that evening, would that be cutting things too close? I want to enjoy the trip and not feel rushed, but cannot take any time off on Friday or Monday. Thoughts?
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That's a shorter travel time than most Bay Area skiers do every weekend to Tahoe. I bet w/ I-70 being so crowded lately, it's also a shorter travel time than your trip from Denver to the Summit Co. resorts.

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Not only is it possible, it's pretty easy since Alta is only 33 miles from the airport. Southwest is running flights from Denver to SLC for about $100 roundtrip after March 4th.

You could even skip the day in SLC and fly in Saturday morning, get a ride to Alta, ski Saturday, stay at Alta or in the valley, ski Sunday, then fly home Sunday night.

Here's the transportation FAQ from Alta's website: http://alta.com/pages/faq1.php
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It sounds like an awful lot to do when you have the great conditions we have around here. Either way you should be able to pull it off comfortably as long as your return flight is 6pm are later. I would skip hanging out in Salt Lake. You can ski at Park City for free the day of your arrival by bringing your boarding pass from the flight and signing up for the deal on their website. Or something like that. I was just out in Utah a few weeks ago and some of the people who flew in did this. A pretty sweet deal and lets you ski for free. Even if you got to Park City at 1 it would be worth it.
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Some cruiser trails are open at PCMR to 7:00 or 7:30, so you can get some extra runs in on your arrival day.
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If you aren't really worried about free skiing, skip Park city. I never really did like skiing there over Alta, Snowbird, Solitude.

That said, what you are looking at is easily doable.

Go Orange!
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Very very easily doable.

Heck, last weekend I drove up to SLC for Sat and Sun skiing and drove back, 1300 miles round trip.
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or go night skiing at Brighton!

You can get 2 full days in if you do nothing but ski, eat, and sleep...
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Does anyone know how far it is to drive from Vail to SLC???
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DefJef - Yep, I just did it (as did others) for ESA.

From Highlands Ranch it took me 7.5 hours to get to Snowbird (it's 7 hours to Park City). That is going by way of I-85 through Wyoming. Luckily I never really hit any bad weather - that's the crap shoot though - with bad weather it could get real ugly real quick.

Taking I-70 West from Vail should be similar since you won't be able to travel as fast (I-85 is flat). To gauge the travel time at maps.google.com take into account that their site estimated over 9 hours for my trip which only took 7.5 hours.
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