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Will I find the one ???

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Hi all,

I am new here and would greatly appriciate advice: let me share some thoughts that lead my search so far and maybe others with similar needs will enjoy your feedbacks as well:

I am 34 years, 175cm and 68 kilo (sorry USA…) in good shape and ski most of my time on European red runs and some black ones. Groomed steepness (European blacks) is not an issue as long as it’s not a mogul field.
My confidence deteriorates substantially on powder and after-powder crud… what level is it? Don’t know but I am OK in Club-Meds group 3a (just under the 4 rated expert groups)

In addition I ski in a warmer climate on a smaller site few times a year – which means ice in the morning and heavy wet snow after noon, and the site being small favors short turns slalom style. 80% on piste.

I ski my old Salomon Verse 9 (160cm, 107 / 72 / 98mm, 15m Radius) for 5 years now and while it did an excellent job bringing me from a beginner level to an intermediate it is only good now for relaxed days and feels too loose on my current speed and responsiveness needs.

Tested the Rossi Zenith Z5 and it was easy to ski and loved lazy curving with no effort other than giving an angle to the boot … being wide it was good for new snow, but lacked in the short turn quickness .

So I went to another extreme: the Dynastar Speed Omeglass 64 and had the greatest time on piste! It was fast and responsive, great on hard snow and fresh legs but it was so heavy with those metal Look bindings and stiff, and as the legs got tired and lots of new snow made the pistes softer it started feeling its to much of a ski for me

Tried the Atomic C9 and didn’t feel enough character: as if not sharp as the Omeglass and not as a fun curver as the Z5… dropped it after two runs.

So here I am : trying to figure out how to get something out of all worlds in one ski: aggressive responsiveness for short turns and forward stance on piste integrated with something that can make me feel better on versatile conditions and less aggressive moods, and wider radiuses…

What do you say? Is there a one ski for me?
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Consider the Fischer RX6 in a 160cm. Lots of edgegrip, quick edge-to-edge and forgiving. The ski is limited on deep fresh snow, but fits your described needs in every other way.

If deep snow is important, consider the Head Monster iM 72. Very good on both hard and soft snow. Easy to use and capable of high performance. At 155 Lbs the head will provide reasonable float in soft snow and crud while still performing quick turns on hard snow.

Hope that helped.

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Thanks guys!

Will check those recomendations.
Any additional opinions are welcomed.

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