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Serious Snowsox

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It looks like Serious Snowsox is out of business - I tried visiting their website, formerly www.snowsox.com but it's gone. Too bad... Does anyone know of any other type of socks that resemble the Snowsox? Thanks
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The key word here is Thorlo. They make socks designed for specific sports, and skiing is one of them.
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Serious Snowsox are now called BlaxSox and can be found at www.blaxsox.com.

I haven't tried a pair yet, but am curious. As far as brands carried at the ski shop, I agree with Wink. I like Thorlo.
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I tried these socks last year and have been very impressed.
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The Serious Snowsox are excellent.Great fit
and support. Wouldn't ski without them!!
If it doesn't snow in the East, guess I'll just wear them to work!!
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Another fine ski sock, of more conventional design, is the Dahlgren Dri-Stride Thin Ski Sock. http://www.dahlgrenfootwear.com/newline/socks_index.htm

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