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Spoiler: Men's Moguls

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We got one!
I'm staying up to see what happened to Jeremy though.
It's 3pm in Oz, but the national newspaper has a front page splat about Dale's gold.
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I'm also very happy for Toby. Great run!
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Dale=nice turns.
The young Canadian impressed me with his 1080 and his twisting double. He's pretty good, needs some more work - turns.
Truely amazing skiers. What a course and hard surface.
Wouldn't be great to ski that course to see what they are dealing with!
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I doubt onlookers would describe my descent of that course as "skiing". The pitch is ~27 degrees (If my occasionally flawed memory serves) and that is nothing to laugh at covered in ice, let alone, hard, bumps.
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Just saw the runs live....I thought Toby was robbed of the silver. His run, IMO, was almost as tight as the Aussies. Oh well, great job TD.

BLoom's on the other hand was sloppy and dissappointing. I did love how 3 of the 4 US skiers call CO home. Smart guys!
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If you just saw them, they weren't live! I logged onto the SMH some hours ago, and it was front page, including a feed of the winning run. Dale's second trick was brilliant, but I think he nailed the gold with the smoothness of his style through the bumps. that's the biggie, apparently.
The tricks those guys are pulling would be great on an aerials course, but in the middle of a bumps course they're amazing.
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ant, I thought Dale's turns were head-and-shoulders above everyone else. Every turn. Stuck both landings. He had an outstanding run! Good on 'im!

I was impressed with Toby, as well, and think he's an up-and-comer.

I think Jeremy was half-way to the NFL combine already. It's practically the first thing he mentioned in his interview that they showed on NBC.
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Originally Posted by ssh
I think Jeremy was half-way to the NFL combine already. It's practically the first thing he mentioned in his interview that they showed on NBC.
I agree w/ ssh on all parts of this post, but especially this one. Bloom has been spending too much time talking about football this year - last year his focus was definitely on skiing, in every interview he had it was about skiing (except for occassionally bashing the NCAA - which deserves it, but that's another issue), and a WC Championship was the result. This year, it seemed every interview was "I want to compete in the Olympics and then play in the NFL," or more often than not, "I want to play in the NFL." Even if he wasn't physically training for the combine, that's where he was mentally, and it showed...

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Just saw the NBC delay moguls finals. Terrific entertainment. These days they hang an overhead camera cable along the course. Then the cable pulls the gyro stabilized camera down following the skiers down from the side above, all the way down the course. Far better than the old days of switching a few zooming cameras from the top, sides, and bottom. Thought NBC announcers did an excellent job. US had placed four skiers within the top 7 in the prelims so there was quite a bit of USA drama as in other racing, the finals are run in reverse order of prelim placing. Lots of great mogul skiing. Very impressive. There was very little difference in how well the best skiers came down. Tough call for the judges but they seemed to call it well from both the way the announcer saw and what I could make out. The Australlian's turning was however clearly superior and he deserves the win. The aerials however were harder for me as one ignorant of all that trick air stuff to make sense of. Great run Toby!

The inverted aerials these days certainly make the spectacle more interesting but I would like to see changes in the rest of the mogul format. Of course I hate the speed element as I've said many times because it just makes for rushed turns and jumps. That snow may have been rock hard but the bumps are obviously pretty smooth except parts of the ruts unlike natural bumps that have all sorts of cleavages. And it is those machine made bumps that take some real difficulty and strategy out of the turning that I'd like to see revert to a more natural and erratic maze.

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I think a pretty good showing by the USA - 4 guys in the top 9. It's nice to get multiple medals, but Jeremy and the Travis's just weren't as good as Toby. The differences are so minute. They showed Jeremy Bloom's bobble after the 2nd air (I think), and it seemed like he basically messed up 1 turn. It was big enough that we could all see it in real time, and that was the difference. Great runs by the medalists, and amazing airs by most of the competitors.

One question: are Juuso Lahtela and Janne Lahtela related - or is that name the equivalent of Smith here in the US?
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I'm with David, my perfect mogul competition would be to drop the skiers in the middle of a regular mogul run, something like Frenchman's at Mary Jane. I think it's ok to have an arial component, but the competitors should have to find their own lines and own spots for grabbing air in the mogul field, just like the rest of us have to do.

Having said that, it's kind of funny, but I'm pretty sure that even if they did what I outlined above, I'm betting the same folks would still be there. Yeah, we compain about "real" mogul skiing not being like what they're competing in, but I've little doubt that they would still be the best in the world at what we consider to be "real" moguls.

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I think Toby skiied the most difficult line and his turns were more real turns than most of the other skiers. Most of them use very slidey turns where Toby's were more rounded with a touch of carving action. I would like to see difficulty and unique line selection as a judging criteria as well.

Toby is a great skier. The kid rocks!
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At least Toby's run was the only orginal line. No one else tried the second line from the right. It looked like the bumps on the far right were the smallest relative to the other 3 major lines and that's probably why a lot of the skiers chose that line. I agree with the medal positions and Dale had the best turns and stuck all his landings. I've seen Toby ski much better and Jeremy didn't bring his "A" game.
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Toby Dawson.
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i thought that canadian who did the inverted 1080 was freaking incredible. on the basis of his tricks alone i would have given that guy the gold
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