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Buying on eBay

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I am thinking about buying a pair a skis from eBay but I am hesitant because the price almost seems to good to be true.

I might buy a pair of Fischer FX-8's for $498 with the railflex bindings. The seller is skidealer1 and he has a lot of positive reviews, but I am still hesitant.

I know that ski shops get huge discounts, but the price seems really too good to be true.

Just wondering if anyone else had experience with this seller.
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MrHoju, welcome to EpicSki!

You may want to consider checking in with out own Dawgcatching who is a retailer that carries that ski. Here's his thread on his sales.

I have not dealt with skidealer1, so can't say, but that price doesn't seem too far out of line, depending on the year (the ski hasn't changed since the 03/04 season other than graphics).
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The seller is skidealer1 and he has a lot of positive what's the problem? I have bought over 30 pairs of skis on ebay and the feedback says it all. No I have never bought anything from this seller.
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Thanks for the feedback.

I checked out Dawgcatching's thread and actually just called the shop. It is always nice to have a conversation with another skiing enthusiast.

They have the ski and offer better sizes... hmmmm I definitely will be calling back tomorrow.
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I agree that the seller is fine if he's got lots of positive feedback (like 98%+ of like 100+ is good stuff for brand new skis) ... but the thing is that if the sizes on eBay aren't exactly what you want, don't get it... because you'll just end up always thinking "what if I had gotten that other size ... ... ..."

I also agree that Dawgcatching has great prices... but I already got new skis this year, otherwise I'd buy those Head IM 82s from him.
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It sounds like Dawgcatching's the way to go for you, but in case you decide to try ebay I'm going to add my post anyway. For ski stuff I've always used shops or the big box stores when they have clearance sales. A fellow Bear turned me on to a good ski on ebay at an "unbelievable" price. I've bought loads of stuff from ebay, but I have to admit I had been nervous about buying skis there. The skis arrived, an advanced, discontinued model from last year (which was clearly stated in the ad), brand new in perfect condition, right size, from a ski shop! They were a gift for my husband, he loved them, I loved all the money I saved, and we then went searching ebay for a good deal on bindings. I'd like to be able to support my local shops, but here we are into mid February and they are still full retail price or maybe 10% off on SOME stuff. I just can't afford to waste that much money. Plus you have access to some brands and models that might be hard to find locally. The key to ebay buying is to make sure that the seller has a lot of positive feedback.
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A shop close to where I live has the RX8 for $499 with the railflex. The price is good on eBay but nothing super special.

I just purchased a pair of Head im88's from Dawgcatching because of his reputation here on Epic... and the price was $20 lower than any I could find anywhere else.

Nothing wrong with eBay... I've done many successful transactions but I would always prefer to purchase skis or anything else from a reputable dealer... even if I had to pay a few extra $$$. It's nice to be able to talk with the people you are giving your hard earned $$$ to.

Good luck!

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I bought 06 k2 PE in 169 and am wishing i had just paid the extra bit for the right size...i find they are too short for me but you live and you learn. It's just good to get on the slopes.
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I had a very positive experience on Ebay on some 06 Recons. Got them from a guy that had 100% satisfaction from 80 buyers at the point at which I bought them. Shortly after that, however, his reviews went in the toilet and soon he was no longer listed. I don't know if K2 found out he was selling new stock that he used a pro form to get or what. All I know is the buyers after me did not get their skis.
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I just got skis off ebay, not from that seller, but ebay none the less. If you know what you are looking for and they have the size you want it's a good deal. Check the feedback ratings that are negative.... I find they are more helpful than positive ratings. Also, ebay's purchaser protection is pretty usefull too.
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Last year, I bought a pair of RPM21s + bindings off of a seller named SnowDealsNow. Like many other ski-specific eBay sellers, this guy is practically a store, closing dozens of transactions a day and offering a return policy.

In fact, due to some confusion on both of our parts, I ended up with the wrong bindings, and had to send them back. I was out-of-pocket the return shipping cost, but that was it.

Lesson: Know what you're buying to avoid those types of mistakes, and know your seller's shipping & return policies.

Often you'll find a better deal from a smaller seller, but be prepared to accept a little more risk. I've found the best deals on eBay are from the "sketchiest" listings -- poor photos, low feedback, questionable details -- but there are a lot of hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered!
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I just bought these on ebay w/ SX412 bindings for $237.00 Yeah there rippers.
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Originally Posted by slider
I just bought these on ebay w/ SX412 bindings for $237.00 Yeah there rippers.
Great deal! Where did you get it?
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A guy in NY had them for sale. Bought another pair SX11 in a 180cm last week for 130.00 w/ no bindings new. I know I'm a shopper. Saw a deal on some M-9's in a 178 for 199.00 new.
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Don't tell my wife, but I could be convinced to buy something with a radius that splits the difference between my SCs and SGs (13 and 70m).
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I got a new pair of 5* and Marker LT bindings off ebay last week. Very pleased.
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I have had great luck buying equiptment on ebay. Within the last year, I have purchased 6 tennis racquets and 3 pair of skis saving a ton of $$ in the process.
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