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I have plans to go to Taos from March 18-22.
I can't decided whether to cancel the trip or not???::

I have been told that the way the jetstream is they will continue to not get any snow really.
Has anybody been yet this season or heard what the conditions are really like???

Their trail report says that all of the greens/blues open but only some blacks.
I have never been before.
Is it worth it to go or just wait for next season???
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Jump over to the Trip Reports thread. There is a good recent report with pictures.
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I ski Taos regularly. It is true that northern NM is not having a good snow year. I don't know what you expect so I can't advise you about canceling. If you plan to go to Taos to ski the ridge, you will probably be disappointed. If you don't know what I'm talking about you'll have fun.
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I was there beginning of February. Most black runs weren't open but some hike to stuff was available. The only open runs if they're well covered. We were going to cancel but were glad we went but we're intermediates. Also it was cold enough that snow was continually being made. Not sure if that will be the case in March.
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Rumor has that the jetstream has shifted slightly southward and that more normal weather patterns are likely to hold for the balance of the winter. But hope springs eternal. We are supposed to get some snow in Santa Fe tomorrow. We'll see.
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I was up at Taos yesterday, 2/19. Taos got 7" of new snow Friday night and Saturday and the cruising was decent. It was a fabulous day in the mountains - blue skys and beautiful views. I rode the lift with a couple from Penn who were decent skiers and they were having a great trip. I also rode up with a fellow from Houston who was happy as a clam.

There is not much in the way of advanced terrain open, but most of the tourists seemed like they were having a great vacation. Unless you are a very serious skier who is heading to Taos for the steeps, I would advise sticking to the planned trip.
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Taos needs a couple of good storms to open most of the dbl blk terrain. That probably will happen before mid march, but you never know.
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Dear MJB,

I ski taos regularly but not the ridge except twice in a class we skied staffenberg. I wish I knew more about the chutes toward but not all the way over to Kachina peak. I don't have a regular ski partner but my skiing is better this year and I would like to hike up on my own. Knowing something about the chutes to try might make the difference. I didn't find Staffenberg that difficult. But conditions were pretty good both times. I just skied Huntsinger in awsome conditions couple of weeks ago and I'd like to look for more ot that (of course).  I was in waist deep powder and no bottom. Maybe you could suggest one or two of those chutes and let me know what to expect.




Chris Stewart




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You need a partner, especially if you're skiing mid-week because there won't be a lot of traffic.  Look at the trip report forum 'Taos opens the ridge' and see if you can hookup with some of the younger guys.  You don't want to hook up with the old salts unless you're more interested in beer, cigars, poker, and talking about the way it was back in the day.

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  MJB...I'm an old salt and I don't much care for beer, abhor cigars, kinda like poker but rarely talk about the way it was back in the day!  Enjoyed your post.




There is a sign at the ridge entry gate that says you must have a partner. If you notice there are people there, getting ready for the hike, ask where they are going, and if you can join them. Most Taos folk are cool about it, some are mountain goats who are tough to keep up with...


Try Ninos Heros, Tresckow, Billy Sol for starters, short hike. Watch for rocks...always.


There are quite a few Bears who ski at Taos regularly, I'm sure you will have no problem hooking up. 

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 I'm thinking maybe you're a salt at this point.  I'll re-evaluate if either Roosevelt or Truman was President when you were born.


It was windy at TSV today, very windy. I stayed on the groomers with my Tiger Sharks.  Big snow is coming, get ready. 

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Kind of excited about this upcoming storm...let's hope it dumps without too much wind.

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