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Anyone here with large feet? Boot question

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I wear a size 14 shoe, which translates into approxiamtely a size 31 boots. I have always rented equipment and now that my skis will be here soon, I want to get all my own gear.

The problem is that the places here in town have a very small selection in boots that large. The very few boots they had werent a good fit for my calf and foot. I tried on a Nordica and two Dalbello boots.

For those that have large feet, how did you find boots that fit well? I know proper fit is vital so I am hesitant to order online, but I dont see to many other options.

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I wear a 14-C in street shoes and last year bought a 31.0 in a Salomon. After using it for a while, the liner packed out and the fit became sloppy. I'm gonna get rid of them.

I did a lot of driving around to ski shops. The Speedmachines by Nordica were close as were some of the Rage Series by Dolomite. I ended up with a great fit in a Technica Diablo Magnesium in a 30.5

Get to the stores that have your size on the shelf and get a good fitter to help you find the right one. Good luck...
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AP - It looks like you are going to do some traveling to other shops.
Shell size your boots before you try them on with the liner. That is: remove the liner, put foot in shell, stand up, move foot forward until toes just touch the front of the shell, insert your finger(s) between the back of your heel and the boot shell. I measure 1 1/2 fingers behind my heel. Beware of a shell that contacts foot protrusions (ankle, nav) when shell sizing. A boot fitter can help with this stuff, but sometimes the shell can just be wrong.
My street shoe is either 14 or 15 depending on manufacturer. My boots are Salomon x-wave 10, mondo point size 30.0 with a custom foot bed, their fifth season. Yeah, they packed-out, that's what buckles are for.
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I'm in the same boat, and all I can say is repeat what has been already said: find a shop w/ your size on the shelfs and one that also has a good bootfitter. Also, i've been told by some boot fitters that the top size of most lines of boot are typically made a bit larger than the Mondo size indicates. IOW, the top size it typically more than one Mondo unit bigger than full size below.
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For what it's worth, Head makes its top line boots in sizes up to 30.5. There is a local shop here that has a new pair of last year's World Cup boots in that size they are selling for about $230 (they were over $700 full retail) because they can't get rid of them. If you are interested e-mail Tom at goldski@frontier.net
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Thanks everybody. It sounds like I have some more investigating to do.

Thanks mudfoot. I may look into those.

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if you want some salomons in size 30+ email me. my store has some and no one with big feet has yet to come in this year

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