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Salomon X-Wave 7.0 vs. X-wave 8.0

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Do you know the difference between Slomon X-wave 7.0 and X-Wave 8.0.
My local Dick's sport has 7.0. It feels good but I want to compare it with X-wave 8.0

I am a male, 6.1 ' , 210 lbs, inetrmediate to advance skier, average volume foot, perefer blue groomed trails. Ocasionally go for black groomed trails, and want to improve my skills (need some space to grow)

I've seen reviews of X-Wave 8.0 but not much for 7.0.


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I have a pair of the 7.0's. I enjoy them a lot and ski the same way you listed (preferring blues, and the occasional black). I'm also of a similar build. When I bought my 7's, my salesman told me the difference between them and the 8's is that the 8's are more stiff as you flex forward. I thought the 7's were plenty stiff in the shop and then took into consideration that they will be more so in the cold weather. The only other thing is that he said the 8's are for someone more advanced, of course back when I bought them I had only been on skis once so I took the 7's.
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Thanks for the response.
What ski do you have? I am considering to buy Atomic Izor 9.7
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Given your weight and height, go for the 8.0 at least. However, by your description, you should also look at the Ellipse line. Xwave would be for people that are dedicated advanced/black skiers, Ellipse extends down to intermediates as well. If one or the other is more comfortable or has better features/value, then it will focus your decision.

I spent years on boots equivalent to the 10.0 range of Salomons line, and they were really too stiff for me. My current pair (Salomon Equipes from 1997) are an 8.0 and I like the comfort and flex. They are a lot easier to ski in bumps and uneven terrain -- I can actually absorb stuff with my legs now. I am 225lb and 6-1, and the boots are great for me. I'd probably be looking at the Xwave 8.0 if I needed new boots tomorrow, perhaps a 9.0.
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nastar is right about the flex being the difference... but honestly, if the 7.0s fit you well, then you might want to just get those.... I think the flex difference is only 85 vs. 80.

X-wave 9s and 10s are like 100 and 110 respectively, so it's a big difference between 8.0 and 9/10.0.. but 7.0 and 8.0 only have a difference of 5.

I'm 5'7", 195lbs and dropping, on x-wave 8.0s. Ski at around your level, except I call myself true intermediate an not advanced yet. Started carving vs. skidding a week ago.
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Originally Posted by dsmel
Thanks for the response.
What ski do you have? I am considering to buy Atomic Izor 9.7
I'm on a pair of 175cm Volkl 5*. Bought them 2 seasons ago and have never looked back.
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The 8.0 has a much better liner than the 7.0. The initial fit is not as good, but it will feel better after a few days and not pack out as much.
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I've been skiing on 2006 X-7.0's all winter (at least 20 times so far).
I'm a similar skier to you - 5'11, 200 lbs, aspiring advanced, prefer staying on piste - can pretty much take anything (on piste groomed) except the much steeper stuff - and have been concentrating on carving and increasing my speed.

I was in the market for boots and tried on at least one from all the major companys - the Salomons fit best - they had the most support without any of the pressure points that I experienced with the other boots (my feet are wider than most). I was debating between the 7 and 8 too. One store didn't carry the 7 because they said it didn't have a lining with enough areas of heating/molding technology - the 7 has it only on the tongue, while the 8 has it also on the ankle. But other boots have A LOT more of that technology than the 8 - so it's a bit of a moot point. Other than that, the only thing any salesman mentioned was the stiffness level - and a special material used in sailboats that are on the front of the 8 (where the design is on the part with the buckles)...but I forget why it was important.

There are definately more comfortable boots out there - but I wanted something more snug with more support. My feet don't slide in easily at all - but they never hurt once they're in and I'm skiing.

I think I probably would have gotten the 8's, but the 8's were $50-60 more - and after spending $400 for the 7's, it just didn't seem worth it. I didn't see too many reviews of the 7 either. I think because the 8's are so similar.

So...I think the boots are great - no complaints. I only picked up the sport 3 years ago in my first year at university and was previously skiing on Performa 4's or 6's - the XWave's are a world's of difference! The flex level is fine - just the right amount. They don't bother me when I'm just coasting along at the end of the day. And there's enough give when I venture down a mogul run. I've heard that Salomons tend to be softer than some other brands, so I hope that they'll keep up with me as I advance to the next level.

I only wish there would be a tongue strap to help put your foot in - Salomon seems to be the only manufacturer these days that don't offer them - and they're so useful!!!

BTW...I'm skiing on 2005 Dynastar Omecarve 9's and love them!
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RE: skis....

Izor 9:7 is probably a good choice.
Other things to consider...
The mentioned Volkl 5* may be a bit advanced for you...perhaps a 4* is a bit more appropriate.
Head 260/280 or Fisher RX4/RX6 are worth looking into as well. Or an Omecarve 9 or 10 which are likely very reduced since they were replaced by a new line (Contact series - I don't know much info about them).
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Not that I have anything against Dicks Sporting Goods as a retailer, but I would recommend against buying from a big box store where you don't have the benefit of many comparisons and a fitter that knows what the heck he/she is doing. I have made the mistake of (a) buying high end used boots that didn't fit before I needed equipment of that caliber and (b) buying a boot that I knew nothing about with limited support from the salesperson because it was last year's model and came at a considerable discount. In both cases I wasted my money and suffered with a bad fit for too long. I wasn't educated enough to know what I was looking for.

I keep my boots for 10-12 years and prefer a stiffer boot than you have mentioned (currently ride X-Wave 9.0s), but I greatly benefited from paying more for a proper fit at a shop out west located on a mountain I travel to frequently enough to deal with any fit problems that may occur (they do) at no additional cost. My .02, for intermediates to advanced, is to spend the bucks necessary (may save by shopping year end discounts) to get a great fit, custom foot bed and customer service from a shop that does this thing for its living rather than selling compound bows, tents or golf equipment. I think it will save you in the long run....
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If you can find a shop that carries Dalbello, look into the Avanti V9. A great boot, and an even greater price for an intermediate/advanced intermediate.

I'm 6'0, 205 and a level 7+ skiier. I'm not big on bumps, but I like the blue and black groomers, like the challenge of heavy crud, and get on the occasional double-black (not chutes or anything extreme, more like Imperial, Contest, and Cucumber bowls at Breck). I went from a Solomon Performa 8.0, which I didn't care much for, to the Dalbello. I really like this boot. And for $300 retail...you can't beat it.
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There should be some good deals on teh X-Wave boots about now. I have the 8.0 and really like the feel and performance for the price. I'm 155 lbs so they are just the right flex, though sometimes when I'm bombing a double black I wish they were a bit stiffer or skiing cut up crud or heavy pow. At least with the 8 you'll be able to grow into the boot.
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