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Paging Rusty Guy

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RG, can you tell me whether I can mount Salomon 912PE binders on the Fischer World Cup SC w/ Plate?

Also, what length(s) in that ski would you suggest for a 5'10" 160 lbs guy who skis mostly with finesse at Level 8?


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You can mount anything on the WC SC. In fact it does not come with any sort of "hostage" system.

Length is a tough question. I have owned four pairs. I'm 5"10" and weigh 180lbs. I have done a 155 and the others have been 160. There really is a big difference in 5 cm in the case of this ski. It just allows me to be a little more comfortable at medium speeds and doesn't diminish the carving too much.

Having said that, I think for kicks I'm going to mount a pair in a 150 with a lot of lift or some after-market riser plate just to create a hyper carve ski. It would be fun.
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