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Need advice on ski boots

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I am 42 years old male, 6.0 ', 215 lbs, have average volume foot, intermediate to advance skier. I prefer groomed trails. I am looking for ski boots and tried Salomon x-wave 7.0 boots. It feels very comfortable although I' ve heard that this boot is more for a large volume foot and packs out faster than other brands.
Any advice on salomon x-wave 7.0 vs x-wave 8.0?
What flex index would be appropriate for me given my weight, height, and skiing level?
Other brands/model to try?

Thanks in advance.

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Dan - a good bootfitter will be able to steer you in the right direction much better than any of us. If you post your home hill or general location, someone might be able to recommend a decent shop. Boots are the most important piece of gear - so you'll want advice based on something more detailed than "average volume foot".
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This website -- http://www.bootfitters.com/ -- contains a list of all the shops that have passed a specific boot-fitting certification. I don't know how hard / easy it is to get "certified", but it's a starting point.

Likewise, EpicSki has their own list of the really good people around the country here -- http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=3986.

As tumbler said somebody who can actually look at your feet can do a much better job of telling you what will work and what won't then any of us ever could. If there's nobody on either of those sites who is reasonably close to you, then give us your location and somebody can certainly help direct you to the best alternative.
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