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k2 axis xp or volkl G4

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just got back from utah & tried some skis at alta, tried an atomic REX- good all around but not turny enough for me, atomic R10- really liked this ski but not wide enough under foot, k2 axis xp-this ski rocks I take back all the grief I gave k2 for changing my axis x pro, I tried this ski in 181 & 174, I found the 174 verstile for about everthing, steeps bumps trees & it railed on the groomers the only regret I have is I didn't get to try a volkl G4 178, from what I've read it sounds like it would be similar to the axis xp, also I've tried the bandit xx so have narrowed my search for the perfect ski to the axis xp or the G4.
thanks for any imput.
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The G4 will be like the R:Ex, except it will be stiffer and heavier. So if you didn't find the R:Ex's ability to turn at lower speeds, or its large radius, the K2 Axis XP will be what you want. It's a great ski. (Though I have a G4; I wanted something wider.)

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G4 doesn´t have large radius. In 178cm radius is 20.2m.
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Turn radius be damned. The Axis XP ain't nothing like a G4. The XP is not very stiff, while you'd be hard pressed to find a ski stiffer than the G4. I think the biggest difference is in the energy needed to bend the ski, and the G4 requires much more. If you liked the XP, get it. Don't waffle around about getting a better ski than the one that just blew your mind.
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