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The Last Race Report!

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So my newb title should be here forever.

Apparently I'm "unbelieveable". After a really good first run, I hiked the first gate in the GS course. Not really sure how it happened. "Racer ready! 10 seconds! 5! 4! 3!..." I launch and take 2 strong skates... I hear the B racers from my team... "HIKE BLUE! HIKE BLUE!" I start thinking to myself... but my next gate is RED!... oh crap the first gate is blue...


Besides that I learned more things about my skiing. Hitting the flush/hairpin double gates doesn't hurt. And that my feet can keep up with my eyes. I always used slow down before the flush/hairpin... which is why I used to always wash out. And also that in conjunction with being scared of the double gate = a pretty sucky time. It works now. I'm not 100% comfortable with it, but its coming. I watched the world cup videos to see how they do it.... the edge to edge transfer is phenomenally smooth. It looked like they just swung their knees back and fourth and their skis followed. Tried it while free skiing a few times. Seemed to be pretty self explainatory. My thoguhts when I was approaching the flush: "wow that's coming at me fast. screw it. i'm trying it." if I straddle or wipe out, whatever. we're not making regionals anyway..." Seemed to work.

One thing I need to work on is getting my hands up in GS. More aggressive. My stance isn't backseat, but its not as aggressive as it could be. I get thrown into the backseat easily. Another thing I have to work on are skiing the ruts. I used to just avoid it. So this race I toyed with going straight through them... It was a wierd feeling. The G's were incredible. haha. Threw me off enough the first time to avoid taking them the second time around. I think it happened sometime around the end of the rut. I wanted to finish without hiking or DNFing from losing a ski.

There are a few non-collegiate races my team is going to try to make. Just for fun. I wanna do better next season.

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Don't go straight through ruts. That will get you in the back seat and eventually get you tossed out of the course. Try and enter the rut at the top of it and use it kind of like a bank turn. You may have to take a little rounder line, but in the long run, it will be faster than trying to fight the ruts.
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what college do you race for?

Scarred of the double gates, eh? For the first few years of highschool racing I was affraid of hitting the gates and took a crappy long route through the whole course. This year during my first few training runs everything clicked and I am now able to attack the entire course and take a close line. I picked up some shin guards and I feel that I will be in a good shape next year in college. It's funny you mentioned being affraid of the flush... I was affraid of hitting any gates at one point, and the flush was no exception. Now it is my favorite part of the course and I blow right through it. It feels great.

It is amazing what telling yourself you want to change your style and trying things out the right way can do. Our coaches are pretty horrible and just know how to take times. I don't think either one has ever raced before.
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