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suggestions please...

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I have the swix warm and cold tempature universal wax. I use the cold wax when it is near single digits and when there is new snow on the ground. I use the warm wax if the snow is older and when the weather is warmer (not single digits or very low teens).
My question basically is does anyone mix these 2 waxes together and when (temp./conditions) do you do this? Do you rub the warm wax on the base and then drip the cold wax? Any suggestion would be helpful.
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Sure, if you're not sure which wax to use, hold both bars together when you touch them to the base of the iron to drip on to the ski bottoms.

I always hot wax with an iron. The wax needs to be in the pores of the base, not on the surface. Vigorous rubbing with a cork block may create enough friction to melt the wax into the base, but an iron is sure easier. Hertel claims that their wax works well when applied cold.

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I should clarify what I meant by "rub". What I mean is crayon the warm wax on the ski base then drip the cold wax. Then I would iron both into the base.
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I believe the proper way is to slightly heat the bar on the iron, and then crayon each wax on in an opposing checkerbaord pattern, then iron in.
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I used to pre-mix my waxes. Melt a chunk of each in a tin can over a low stove burner, then pour it into one of the "wells" in your ski wax package. Let it cool and you have a brick of "in-between" wax.

Honestly though, I have been using all-temp universal waxes for the last 10-12 years, and have no complaints. I used to sometimes have the wrong wax on my skis when I used temp specific wax, and that sucked. With universal, I never experience that anymore. I am sure the universal wax is never "optimum", but I doubt most recreational skiers would notice.
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